A Community Website: Welcome

Our Divine Medicine is the remembering of the medicine we carry to heal ourselves, and the unique gift we are given to bring to the world,  so we can claim the abundance that is rightly ours…. That is divine work” Mbali

The old ones believe we come into to the world with medicine, a purpose. We are alight when we are living our life fully by igniting our creative fire, and the community thrives when we offer our gifts and talents.

Modern Day Initiations such as loss, unfinished business now, more than ever, causes us to live with fear and uncertainty. Our fire, passion and creativity is depleted. We feel lost in the world, are unable to make change  feel stuck and  have forgotten the work we came here to do.  Self-help methods have been exhausted and we feel betrayed and immobile, no longer willing to take risks. We have become disconnected from our source, and each other. The result is a spiritual homelessness and a fear of the unknown.

With a deep understanding of  healing and transformative teachings Mbali combines a blend of traditional, life-sustaining practices to move groups, and individuals  to explore their potential in order to restore a sense of meaning and vitality in their lives. This path has led many to renew their earth agreements reclaim their true nature and review the fullness of their life.  This is an invitation to explore Our Divine Medicine.

To be modern can be viewed as loss of connection to the old ways that feed and nourish us— in short our medicine.
Transformative practices that nourish the soul are offered through divinations, medicine circles, vision quests, mentoring, retreats and community gatherings.

Email: mbali@ourdivinemedicine.com

With deep gratitude to the strength and resilience of my ancestors without whom I would not be here and this would not be possible.

“Mbali provides a sacred space and divine wisdom for the medicine that needs to come through to heal us all. Her work helps you to reawaken to your true nature. This work has guided me to my purpose and provided me with a practice.  Mbali’s work is indeed work that transforms the soul.” Camara Ra Jabara


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