July: Divine Medicine

Water Water everywhere ….

The natural disasters are trying to wake us up call us to attention, rattle our bones. With all that is happening and the words of Michael Meade, one of the most brilliant teachers of our time.

“Wether it’s oil spills threatening nature or the threat of everyone alienating each other, any solution that helps nature heal will arise from the human soul” Michael Meade.

The word ritual can evoke images of all kinds of unsacred things. They can be radical or simple, and they can be a practice, a part of every day life. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, graduation are all modern day Rituals.   It can take the form of a Sacred  intention or Sacred action. Rituals empower us to take action, they immobolize us from that feeling of stuckness and often bring  change.

With the crisis in the Gulf many have shared their feelings of helplessness or powerlessness. I am inviting you to remember  the community that is always there. Join the world in making an offering, a prayer or intention for yourself first and then the waters of the Gulf. We need all the help we can get.

Each time you sit down to work,  in a meeting, to dinner, in church, in community,in play on the fourth of July  offer your work, your  gathering , include a prayer of healing for the Gulf . Each time you light a candle make an intention of healing for your self and the Gulf. Each time you are at the water, make a prayer for the Gulf.

Fill a bowl with water, speak prayers for yourself and put a healing prayer into the water for the Gulf. Every sacred prayer and intention is heard. We cannot help but be affected by what happens to our natural world, they are our ancient grandmothers and grandfathers. So you speak to the ancient grandmother each time you speak to water.

The most simplest ritual can be the most powerful. I also encourage you to create communities for healing. Go together to make your prayers. Offer herbs (medicine) into the Ocean.

Please go to News for information on the healing gathering at Venice Beach, LA July 25, 2010

In deep respect of your divine medicine.



4 thoughts on “July: Divine Medicine

  1. Thank you and blessiings to to Mbali! I honor you and your gifts! I also have been praying with large heartedness for the Gulf. I have been speaking on an energy level to the water birds and askiing for them to lfy away from the spill. It is hard to stay open hearted in the face of this suffering. I feel guilty for using oil and thus contributing to this sad situation. Forgiveness will be my goal. for all of us. love hatt

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