Rekindling the Fire Inside

Fire melts and tempers;let the fire of love do the same with you

-Spirit of Fire; To honor the Earth, from The Healing Wisdom of Africa, Maildoma Some

My work draws from the Dagara people of West Africa, first taught to me by Malidoma Some, West African Shaman and educator.

The work is a profound cosmological portal into all aspects of our life. Based on the five elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature, it  delves deep into all the realms, emotional, psychological and spiritual to provide a bridge to lived experiences in the modern world and its connection to other worlds.

This is a year of initiation and it is a time to co create a life that is ours. This an Earth Year in a Dagara tradition, a time to find home, come home, and find where you belong in which tribe, which community. It is a time to bring forth all of our gifts, so the community can thrive. It is also a time to really take care of the Great Mother and in so doing emerge from scarcity into abundance.

Fire is the first element. It is a connection to our life force an energy required for transformation, passion, and creativity. Fire mediates our connection to ancestors and other worlds and it is close to pure energy. It keeps people connected to the question why am I here and in that to their purpose. It also carries in it love and hate, creativity, apathy and procrastination,  transformation and destruction. As a depression from not being able to bring our creativity forward,  it becomes combustive as in wars, violence or abuse.  It is within us as a driving force and takes the form of  heat that warms, rages out of control, burn out, an ember that glows and a flame of eternity. It is important to be aligned with the fire inside and how we express that fiery energy in the outer world.

Divinations and a prescription of ritual shows us where our fire is not aligned and how the ancestral legacies we may be carrying show up in our lives in any one of these ways often creating barriers that immobilize us. Rekindle the fire inside you.


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