Freedom and Peace in the Modern World

(Ritual directed from Mbali’s Divination for July 25, 2010 on Full Moon Day)

As I got up at around 7 am and finished preparing the foods and objects for my ritual, my head felt heavy, and a piercing pain shot up to my frontal lobes.   There was a part of me resisting the journey that I was about to embark on, and some trepidation entered my psyche:  “Am I really going to go through with this!”

“Yes,” said a deeper yearning inside me.

After my meditation and yoga, I asked my pendulum for the best place to look;  it said by the bridge overlooking the city.  I packed my straw bag with the ritual goodies and set out on my journey.  There was a cloudy haze overlooking the city that morning.  Everything seemed to flow, as though I was floating down an invisible stream directing me to my destination.  When I got to the bridge overlooking the Studio City, Van Nuys and Burbank landscape, I went down the hillside among bottles, cans and other trash.

I could feel my body’s magnetic pull making a 160-degree turn in another direction.    My ancestors disapproved: no ritual of theirs would take place on a heap of trash surrounded by walls of graffiti.  So, I headed up a hill at an even higher elevation across from the bridge, until I reached the top, which was marked by a young tree bordered by two beautiful homes on each side.  I wanted to climb beyond this, but poison oak prevented me; so I began the ceremony as I honored and thanked my ancestral lineage. I spoke to my mother and father, asking for their help and strength as I continue my journey.  I made my offerings and asked for a healing on my female ancestral line so I can move forward.

As I buried a small crystal into the terracotta earth, asking for clarity on this path, a monarch butterfly emerged on the foliage.  For a moment, everything was still.   As I inhaled the sweet air and sat looking at the view below, a sense of freedom and peace overcame me.

I walked back home with ease and gratitude.  I felt my body rhythms slow down, as if I was floating in the embryo of a water cave.  I was in the dream world and could not wake up.  I did not really want to wake, and the Tai Chi of living life as if every moment had a purpose, unfolded before me.

Even though the rest of my body felt this wondrous effect, my head had constant volcanic eruptions, reminding me of the real world.

My plans constantly changed, with friends wanting to experience the water ritual with MBali and community at sunset.  I went with the flow, and finally plans were set to go to the beach with a friend, who was interested in the ritual and then ending the day with a Kirtan party.

After a long warm shower, each drop soothing my aches, I applied my aromatherapy, the smells more vibrant, entering my pores.  I could feel the energy shift entering my friend’s car portal.   We were on different tracks, and I was besieged by a concoction of yang energies of the real world of material things, motions, a mania of bursting laughter covering anxious longings and desires, and a high from an exhilarating convention reaching a crescendo of spiritual yip yap.  It was hard to catch up to this jarring state, and my head throbbed even more.   Disequilibrium entered into my yin state of cocooning.

Finally we arrived at Venice Beach, and another dimension filled the deepest part of my unconscious: the waves of compassion. “Kuan Yin” echoed within and without.

We found our crowd surrounded by a magic circle filled with herbs, flowers, crystals, rocks of amethyst, an animal skull, beads and shells.  Sage was passed out in a beautifully carved wooden bowl with hanging cowry shells, playing distant rhythms against the sea’s cacophony of breathless waves crashing.

Mbali, as a goddess, emerged from the elements of sand, sea,  and summer wind and spoke, calling “Yemaya,” Mother of  Creation and the Ocean,  the ancestors and all the earth’s creatures down to plankton for a healing. While we all held hands, the group’s collective energy flowed into the sea’s bowels through songs, chants, poetry, blessings and love filling the ocean’s festering wound.

The harmonious chanting and drums’ rhythmic pulse took us to the shoreline hand in hand, with herbs and offerings for the ocean to receive.  I waited until the ebb embraced me, tingling my toes with its love, and threw sage to nurture its wound with healing blessings.  Black seagulls gyrated around us and made a beautiful configuration against the smoky sky, sun hidden at twilight, waves illuminating prisms of green and blue shades.  I watched a mysterious man who suddenly appeared and dove into the water as a symbol of man’s cleansing of mind, body and soul.  Then, awesome laughter and bubbling joy surfaced from the crowd while we watched the dolphins acknowledge our prayers, leaping for joy as if their expressions told us “You heard our cries for help, we are here to tell you that we are forever grateful.  One mammal to another, let our energies leap, twirl, spin, gyrate for eternal gratitude and happiness in this communion.” Robin G

Medicine: Butterfly. Transformation and the dance of joy. Metamorphosis, change. The awaken a sense of lightness and joy and not to take things too seriously.

Dolphin. Open to New dimensions of life. They can show us how to enter into the waters of our life. It is time to breathe new life into yourself.


3 thoughts on “Freedom and Peace in the Modern World

  1. Wow! Thanks for adding the beautiful pictures and meanings of the world’s beautiful creatures. I’ll look forward to more insights and transformation’s from your divination guidance. Blessings…Robin

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