The Quest for Vision

Joseph Campbell calls it the Hero’s Journey. I just completed a Vision Quest with four women, who took the Hero’s Journey for 2 days and nights in nature, leaving the old world behind to vision and gain clarity. It is a time of deep reflection, courage and a true embracing of what it means to be in your true nature. Nature teaches us about change and transformation, the medicine and the messages of the animals and the insects that abound. It is a time of dying into the old ways to emerge into our new life. It is also a time to understand the life, death and rebirth cycle. How green do we really want to be?  asks Malidoma Some.

We have lost our relationship with Nature the awe of a Tall redwood, a sunset, an owl and the moon. We have cut off at the roots and forgotten our ancestors live in the mystery of the Ocean and grandmother rock and the Great Mother that we place our feet  upon daily.

Do we just want to talk about it    or take action by allowing ourselves this precious time out of our busy lives  to truly immerse in the understanding that we are not separate from our true nature.

The masks that emerged were not masks of inauthenticity but of our higher selves, the part that now has to integrate the work into our lives so that nature always lives in us. Take a risk, step into the unknown, the darkness, rendezvous with spirit make offerings and  meet your true nature.

It is a blessing and true honor to be part of the Vision Quest Journey  and hold the prayers for them for this next year. In Beauty may they walk, in Beauty may I walk, in Beauty may we walk. Ashe. See Offerings for the next Vision Quest next year.


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