From Scarcity to Abundance:Closure to the Earth Year

Hopi wisdom says: “You have been telling people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour.”

As we come to the close of this Earth Year in the Dagara Tradition, I look back as I do each year to the experiences and the teachings and the events that have changed and surprised and inspired me.

I am inspired by our future generation who are saying enough and turning their wounds into medicine to create and teach and inspire others through media, words, and music. And I am inspired by those who accept elder hood with the responsibility to guide those coming up. I am inspired by all those who fall on the path but continue to pick themselves and move forward.

Now more than ever it is our job to take care of the Earth,   ….Grandma Pauline, Maori elder says, we are  ALL responsible, to be Guardians of the earth.

I am always surprised by the generosity of complete strangers since I have been in Los Angeles. Thank you to those who have supported my journey here and to those brave souls looking for change and a new way through the ancestral connection. I am grateful my new community all over the world.  I look forward to the strengthening and sharing of our relationships, together we love our way into a new world.   I am inspired by the courage of those who continue in their path of healing self and others. I am changed by my constant deepening relationship to the wisdom of my ancestors who have taught me so much about self worth. These are all earth related. Our mother needs us more than ever.

I am grateful, for all those who have crossed my path you have all been teachers.

Go to the earth and give gratitude, make offerings. Give away what  no longer serves you. Give of yourselves. Give time, a call, something you thought you could never part with.  Giving is not seasonal. Giving of any kind moves us from scarcity to abundance.  When we let go of our attachments, we create a space for the true abundance of our life to flow in. The biggest gift we can bring to the earth and our world community are our gifts. That is when the world will thrive. It is time to claim the abundance that is rightly ours, and move into the light to the new world.

“All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.” Hopi Elders. The time is now.

Happy Holidays, Ubuntu, I am me because of all of you.


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