Welcome to A double water year: 11


“The Mayan Prophesies say that now the time has come to relearn and remember the deepest universal truths. Hanub Ku desires to reawaken our conscious and unconscious selves in order that we may discover our true and highest human potential.”

Hunbatz Men, Maya priest and shaman



2011 is here!  A double water year, in the Dagara Tradition calling in a deeper immersion into the waters of our life. When we immerse we are being called to awaken to our souls longing and memory to the ancient. Time to take inner spiritual journeys, and find healing in the ancient ways.    This year is asking us to truly jump in! Water represents healing, peace, reconciliation, flow and clarity, forgiveness and deep soul work. Robbyn La Plant says 11 is a master number that is a key to unlock the  subconscious.

In the Dagara tradition the subconscious is our connection to the other world. A  huge movement of water is required both individually and globally to cut through to bring flow in the name of PEACE and HEALING.

What is the deep water story you are carrying? What stops you from harnessing your genius. Water is asking us to reconcile with the ungrieved  losses in our life so we can move forward into this new light. In this year we are calling in all of our medicine so that we may raise it, us and the world to a higher vibration. This year is calling in all the healers and the peace makers to claim their gifts…. that is all of us. Deepening our connection to mama water is linking us to the other world, which is crucial to our spiritual journey.  Water is showing us the potential and possibilities that can be harnessed for the greater good. It is a year of opportunity. When we do our grief and forgiveness work, we can begin to heal the ancestral legacies we have been carrying and fulfill our contract with the other world to heal ourselves, and bring our gifts to the world.  It is a time to dream big, to bring clarity and flow and alignment to all that we are and all that we do.

“All water has perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was” Toni Morrison


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