Divination a Tool for Healing

I received a request from Holland from a woman requiring a divination. She sent me a piece of her clothing a photo and a quarter, payment for the ancestors. I had done many phone divinations but this was my first from so far away. The woman described her feelings of claustrophobia. Ten minutes into the divination she spoke about a grandmother who showed up represented by a red stone on the cloth “She was so suffocating”  she said and was stunned as she made an immediate connection to her claustrophobia. Many other patterns of being silenced, by her asthmatic father also silenced and restricted by the grandmother,emerged through out the divination and as she continued to track the ancestral legacies she had carried her breathing became less shallow as we proceeded. Turned out she had also chosen a man who got angry each time she tried to speak up, so overtime she silenced her voice, she herself had breathing difficulties and anxiety attacks.  She is practicing speaking up now with the help of prescriptions of visits to mama water where she is free to speak what is in her heart. Divination is a brilliant cosmological portal which uses the ancestors to help us heal ancestral legacies carried by us, so that we can move forward and bring forth our gifts and talents.

Her response which came a week ago.

3 months ago you did a Divination on my question how to heal my claustrophobia. As you suggested I set up an ancestral shrine and each week on Sunday I go to the river to perform a water ritual. Who would have believed that a leftbrain Dutch girl would perform these Holy acts. I actually didn’t. But now a miracle has happened. Suddenly I was into an unexpected conflict with a loving friend. My usual way of dealing with this “adversity” would have been unexpressed anger creating resentment and avoiding any contact or totally ignoring the person. Suddenly there was a voice/feeling which said, ok it’s enough now I am sick of all these conflicts in your life, it’s enough, ENOUGH. I suddenly had a voice expressing exactly what would be the way of my heart. It shook me to the core, I have been awake for a week now in awe of the amount of energy that is released and the compassion that arises out of nowhere. 

All is well. I have stopped eating sugar since I resolved my conflict, an addiction I had for 48 years and nothing could make me stop it. The craving is just gone. I never realised that this habit had to do with unspoken anger and unresolved conflicts, amazing. And the pain in my left hip is gone. I love walking but the last 5 years I always felt pain in my left hip after a long walk. Now it has vanished. So what can I say, I am speechless really.

Thanks C,  for allowing me to share this!

This weekend I spent with Malidoma and several others in Community  and I was moved again and again through out the time when he re committed  to continue to bring the wisdom of the ancestors from Africa to the Modern world and give it dignity. Through Malidoma and the work of the ancestors a full circle of healing is provided and he has worked tirelessly  for decades to continue to bring the teachings of his people of Burkina Faso, West Africa here. At midnight on the eve of my 60th birthday, I renewed my own commitment, my love of the work and the ancestors and my work as a voice for the ancestors and bridge to the other world.  I am renewed and revitalized, ready to go wherever this takes me. For more info on divinations go to the divination page.  Ashe

There is still space in the two year program IAST (Indigenous African Spiritual Technology) beginning on the West Coast, Ojai on Wednesday March 30th. More information www.malidoma.com


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