The Healing Wisdom of Other Worlds

” It is possible that we have been brought together at this time because we have profound truths to teach each other. Toward that end, I offer the wisdom of the African ancestors so that Westerners might find the deep healing they seek. From an indigenous perspective, the individual psyche can be healed only by addressing one’s relationships with the visible worlds of nature and community and one’s relationships with the invisible forces of the ancestors and Spirit allies.” Malidoma Some

I was told recently that my book in progres is oesoteric and I responded that this work is not for the chosen few, on the contrary, we have an allegiance to this Earth to break all the rules and do what is neceesary to understand our rights as Earth Guardians. As Vandana Shiva recently quoted,” We do not give Nature Rights, Nature gives us rights.”

As many more losses continue to compound and shake the very foundations (recent Tsunamis)  of our identity and for some our sense of not belonging in this world  we are faced with a heightening calling to fully reconcile with ourselves in this double water year.

Full reconciliation could look like a deeper immersion into the waters of our life a place where we stay long enough to do the healing work required so that the only outcome is to truly bust out into embracing who we truly are, so we can bring our projects to life. Projects being our gifts given to us to bring to this world, gifts from the other worlds, medicine for ourselves and others.

Elemental disasters are not coming in small movements on the earth like a gentle arousal they are showing signs of  catastrphoic proportions, oil spills, Tsunamis, Katrina designed to wake us up out of our sleepwalking. It is time to change our stories, a time for a new story.

After a recent weekend with Malidoma Some where I was honored to be of service in his IAST (Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies) program in Ojai,CA  ( my bones were rumbled in such a way that brought the issue of urgency more to the forefront of my life. Malidoma suggested we that we take a militant approach to our healing so that we can be out there ready for the immense work that has to be done with others.

Working with people as a bridge to the other worlds as a diviner and healer is an honor and in it I continue to witness that the deep disconnect to other worlds has in fact kept us imprisoned in a self made cell complete with all the ailments the modern world throws up.

Addiction as I understand it for me was a longing to belong, feeling like an outsider was the usual in every circle.  What I now see is that it was not this world that I needed to belong to neccesariliy but  I carried a deep longing to come home, and home was in fact I see now the recognition of other worlds as an important part of my being in my true nature.

Radical I know but until we consider that we are not all there is, until we consider and embrace that otherworlds are essential to our empowerment, and to the magic and mystery of our lives we show up like the walking dead, leading a mechanical existence looking for meaning in our life.

Divination, takes a look into the areas where there is possible trouble that keeps us isolated and in crisis. The deeper recesses of our life. Ancestral healing may be required or a ritual to  move us from apathy to action, stagnation to clarity and flow. Often a cleansing is neccesary to help release the gifts we are carrying. The importance of being fully reconciled is no longer an option it carries with it a mandatory contract made with the other world.

It is a time to break the spell that keeps us asleep and take another draft one that keeps us vigilant, that demands we are ready to commune with and receive information that  has been trying to get our attention. We are in an exciting time.

I am available for Divinations and Divination Salons in your area and on the phone. Go to Divination page to see more. November 2011 is the last opportunity to sign up for the IAST program in Ojai, join us in the life changing work brought from Africa by Malidoma Some. for more information.


2 thoughts on “The Healing Wisdom of Other Worlds

  1. Mbali,
    As you know i look forward to reading your book…but have also felt extremely honored to have the author read chapters to me. This post is not only beautifully written but very poignant to the Reality of things. Thank you for your continued service to the ancestors and the other worlds. Your high examples of integrity and dedication is inspirating and bone rumbling. Much love and respect to you always Sangoma.
    Ps: these visuals are Fantastick!

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