Coming Home to the Nectar of the Ancestors

“Being Born is Validation Enough” Colin Campbell

In a recent divination with Malidoma Some, I learned that going forward I would continue to bring people home through Divination,  Ritual and now my very exciting Sacred Journeys to South Africa.

This concept of coming home has been a deep theme in my life. I left South Africa at the age of three and believe I have been seeking home ever since, until I came to the work with the ancestors and then every signpost in my life was pointing me back to South Africa. I finally returned home after 54 years.

Home though is not always a physical home. It is connected to the element of Earth which represents self -worth, nourishing, nurturing, community and abundance and  when out of alignment, scarcity.   We often  carry a sense of being lost in the world or sometimes a feeling of not wanting to be here. Being disconnected to Earth brings a crisis of belonging, a person with out feels alone confused and empty. Our health and well being and finances is brought to us by Earth Mother, forgetting we are connected to Earth we carry  Spiritual Homelessness. 

Our youth today are in deep loss of this sense of home and look for it through gangs and addiction a need to fill up the empty space inside. On the other spectrum our elders often feel their life is done as we continue to place them in situations where they feel worthless. How would it be if all our elders were put to work as story tellers, wisdom keepers and counselors.  I worked as an assistant in a school and they had the brilliant idea of inviting elders to sit with each child and help them with their homework, children literally thrived and their grades improved, because they felt a sense of belonging when that person from the community showed they cared. We have lost the elders, grandmothers, grandfathers as so essential counselors. It gives the elders a sense of belonging.

So the Earth is about belonging, knowing where we have come from who we are so we can know where we are going. The homeless people I worked with reminded me every day of how abundant my life is. They and the ancestors have learned to let go and so teach me much about abundance as an all encompassing entity.

Coming home to the nectar of the Ancestors is living in the sweetness of an unconditional love that is indescribable, knowing that they guide me, are behind me and their purpose is to help me. More specifically to find my purpose and to heal. Connecting with them turned my life around as I felt I finally had something  real I could trust, for sure I had a Mother and Father and Grandparents in the otherworld. Coming home is fostering a community where one can be oneself. Coming home for me is awakening the ancient inside my bones so I can remember who I came here to be and my life’s work. They say that humanity began in Africa,  studies now prove it. South Africa holds the human remains of the so called First Peoples. Malidoma says Earth nurtures and wants everyone to be loved and that is what I experience from the land and it’s people each time I return.

And so it is with that in my heart that I invite you to join me on a Sacred Journey to South Africa (see Sacred Journey Pages) Welcome Home!


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