Re-remembering What We Came Here to Do

“In the ancient rocks I hear the words of my grandmothers and grandfathers, they are the bones of the earth”

At this time of great loss it is sometimes hard to imagine that when all that seems secure is taken away from us it may be an invitation to re remember our life’s work. That the space that is created through loss is an invitation to re-dream back into our life and re claim our lost dreams. That it may be a calling for us to awaken to a new story, a new vision.

Rocks, stones, bones, minerals in the Dagara tradition are the conduits for re remembering. They represent messages, that come through dreams, signs symbols.  They say that we carry memory in our bones the genius of who we are. We come in with a purpose, medicine, long before we got here it was inscribed in our bones. The community holds this purpose and it is often given to us in the name so we don’t forget.

In the Western world we leave this at the tree of forgetfullness, and we spend our lives trying to remember what our work is. Often we are sent messages. A hawk may fly by or raven may come with a message about the magic in our life. Or a teacher may appear. Or a divination opens a portal to a ritual which may change the course of our life.   Often these messages are not heard,they are  ignored or denied, taken for granted, creating a trouble. Mineral represents how we express our selves in the outer world. So when our comfort or so called security is removed it may be an opportunity for a deep re remembering of what we came here to do.  What is the medicine we carry and how do we want to use the opportunity of loss to create a new dream.

Place rocks under your pillow tonight and ask for a vision about your purpose. Sweet Dreams


4 thoughts on “Re-remembering What We Came Here to Do

  1. will you be doing a journey to the Dagara people in Burkina Fosso. i dreamt…woke up with the words Burkina Fosso on my lips….

  2. Thank you for your message I plan on placing rocks under my pillow tonight and asking for a vision of my I have three special rocks in my room that I recently collected that spoke to me at the time of collecting them:)

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