Our Hidden Gifts: A Time to Raise the Vibration


As we  move from this water year of peace reconciliation and cleaning up our unfinished buisness, we are in a time I sense where we are being called to raise our vibration to a higher level, from “fantasies of private salvation” as Maliodma says, to an inclusive healing that includes the greater good.  A community thrives when we bring our gifts to the world.

Put another way I am sure you all know the Hopi prayer which has the well quoted line “we are the  ones we have been waiting for” There is a very unquoted line which speaks to this next part of our journey.

“Take nothing personally least of all ourselves” Sage wisdom indeed.

This has certainly been verified by the divinations I have witnessed where time and again I am seeing that the ancient in us all is waking up and we are being asked to explore our medicine and gifts in a way that is rumbling our bones and asking us to raise to a higher vibration, take more risks and find the magic in our lives. I am heartened to witness this as I see an unraveling of the so called “New World” a world where Harry Potter is not just a block buster spellbounding movie. It is spell bounding for sure because it holds some semblance of truth. J K Rowling who calls herself the gay wizard, conceived the idea for Harry Potter on a train traveling from Manchester to London.  The old ones say the ancestors travel by trains. Magic (transformative) is everywhere we only need be open to see and recieve it. In Nature, the otherworlds. our intuition, messages and dreams.

We can no longer do this alone.  

Medicine men and women abound in us, healers, abound in us, wizards abound in us.  What ever way we choose, it is a time to move from the personal to emerge into our higher selves.   Other worlds have always been trying to get our attention but now more than ever that is true, there is an urgency that can no longer be ignored.

Each journey back to South Africa  has been life changing. This time I am honored to begin a new venture ~ as a host. Bringing people home in a sacred and transformative way is an honor. Please see the very exciting 2012 Sacred Journey  in the Spring, which includes one of the most beautiful cities in the world Cape Town,  it is a dream for sure, and Dean and I are dreaming a fall journey in the vein of this Octobers.

This year the journey will take us to receive transmissions from Credo Mutwa known by some as one of the greatest healers/shamans in the world.  His health is really not great  and I am comitted to bring as many people to him as possible where called.  On some level I  sense that the White Lions, known as Children of the Sun God will also have information to transmit. Each person and place we visit, each animal we are privelged to view or be in the presence of, have medicine for us on this journey. They always did have, now though we are being invited to listen more closely and maybe even bring back messages from them.

We are traveling to be with the Bushman in Botswana and spend time in their wisdom, and traveling on to Tsodilo Hills. Tsodilo is a place of special significance to the San (Bushmen) who have been living here for thousands of years. They believe the hills are a resting place for the spirits of the deceased and that their various gods live in caverns within the Female Hill, from where they rule the world. The most sacred place is near the top of the Male Hill; legend has it that the first spirit knelt here to pray after creating the world. This was when the rocks were still soft and the San believe you can still see the impression of his knees in the gray rock. The Harnbukushu, who also live in the area, believe the hills are where God lowered man to earth.

My hope is that these journeys will bring us to places where some have feared to tread. South Africa has had a bad rap, many fear to come to the land. We want to dispel the myths. The motherland awaits you.

I will be staying on in Botswana to work with the bushmen, and will be there 11/11/11 and then I return to to Cape Town where I will vist the Crystal  Skull, an amazing granite structure, at Lions Head, where a direct connection with the third eys is made, for some, life changing I am told.

I am blessed and so deeply grateful to Dean Liprini who has made it possible to realize a dream and who brings 20 years of research of the sacred sites of South Africa, to these journeys. I am proud to now be in collaboration with The Sacred Site Foundation of South Africa. http://www.sunpath.co.za

Last but never least,  I am deeply grateful for all of you who have hosted me all over the country this year, your kindness and generosity of spirit makes it possible for me to be a voice for the ancestors and reach the parts I would not. You have invited me into your communities and shared your clients, friends and communities. I am grateful to all those who have had the courage to try another way through divination, and the healing that has happened through rituals that Malidoma has provided for us in Community. This is one way for us, hosting each other, spreading the word about each others gifts, about other worlds, sharing our networks.

I am especially grateful to the Dagara people of West Africa for gifting me this work and for our fearless beloved elder Malidoma Some who brings the medicine of Africa here with a dignity it deserves.

2012 is a Fire year. The world must come to an end as we know it. Is that why the year before was a DOUBLE water year? Fire, connection to the ancestors, other world, creativity , passion our life force. Step into the fire of your life! In unity and solidarity we change the world.

“Our survival depends on seeing in one another our healing. We must move beyond fantasies of private salvation and into a communal celebration of mutual dependency that will open the heart of gratitude.” -Malidoma Some

Ubuntu ~ Humanity to Others


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