Are You Awake?

Guardian At Tsodilo Hills

And so I appeal to a voice, to something shadowy, a remote important region in all who talk: though we could fool each other, we should consider—lest the parade of our mutual life get lost in the dark.
For it is important that awake people be awake, or a breaking line may discourage them back to sleep; the signals we give—yes or no, or maybe—should be clear: the darkness around us is deep.
William Stafford

I learned from a Naro Bushmen woman in Botswana called Naba that the greeting for  good morning in the ancient Bushmen Language means “Are you awake?” Each time she greeted me I paused for a moment to check in if I was…..I am back in a fashion. Some of the familiar is no longer comfortable, the discomfort of the comfortable and the sparkling energy that courses through me keeps me awake. Amongst that is a sense of peace, emerging from a place of power, well rooted to my connection to my ancestors, my homeland and the elements. What I have come to know over the last 8 years working with Ancestral medicine is that when I am connected to the other worlds, the web of life is in alignment. what ever that means.

The Sacred Journey to South Africa has left me in a place of  being awake to the fact  that I have traversed different dimensons. That I have been re-programmed in some way. Shaken up, shaken about, but landed on the ground with a deep connection to the ancient.  To have witnessed such miracles,  encounters and transmissions from the White Lions of Timbavati, spent time with Credo Mutwa a revered Shaman of our times, dipped in and performed  ritual in the waters of  the sacred womb of mother earth, sat with the Bushmen (descendants of my ancestors, I am a descendant of a Khoi Khoi woman healer ) around a Sacred Fire in Botswana and heard the women sing the ancient songs and received healing in trance dance, can only serve to take me to a place of homecoming.    I also spent time with the hills Aba (Father) Thai (Mother ) and Dama (child) which is in us all in Tsodilo Hills, where the first person is said to have come to earth. In Cape Town I explored some of the mysteries of  Table Mountain with  Dean Liprini a Sacred Site Researcher of 20 years, and am still digesting those encounters! See Nefertiti ( on the Mountain) Below

Before I left a friend of mine discovered he had a blockage in his right coronary artery.   What struck me about this particular “alarm call” was that his body had grown a small vein, a diversion  to carry the blood where it needed to go, Thank goodness! although this diversion was clearly not big enough, alerting him to go and see a doctor. He was operated on almost immediately. A Sacred Intervention?

For days after, I considered the mirroring, metaphor, teaching about the diversions I had created in the past to avoid the messages I was receiving to do this or go here or leave that job, relationship,old ways, no money,  and how it immobolized, kept me stuck until I eventually fell into some kind of sleep or trouble. If blood is the water of body then its flow is important for our health, well being, alignment. NOTE: Since I have been away his life has changed, uprooted and disrupted in a quite a big way. Actually ……amazing way.

Now that I have particpated in my own Sacred Journey and witnessed others experience where words like ‘ “I felt I connected with God” was expressed, know we are not inviting you on a tour of South Africa, we are inviting you to answer a calling to connect with the ancient deep inside of you, maybe even a life line, a Sacred Intervention that may transform you. 

Naro Bushmen Women

On another level if there is no  connecting to other worlds, ancestors, the sun, the moon, the stars and all that is present in this world where we often disconnect, the elements,  animals and all creatures…… then do we fall asleep in the comfort of our existence and not hear our calling or listen to our heart,  our messages, the animals, take a pilgrimage. zzzzzzzzzzzzz,  HEY! Are You Awake…..I come back with an urgency …no more time, no more time to sleep. Each morning now I ask myself are you awake Mbali?

Is it your time?  I have to my delight and with deep gratitude to my ancestors,  found that when I stay awake long enough to venture from the comfortable and take a risk that the world is full of miracles.

Naba and I digging for roots

“You must not just believe” Baba Mutwa

Check out the next Sacred Journey in April.

From a Journeyer

“This was truly a joyful journey Home where I heard the “music of my wild name”*
*South African poet, Ian McCallum
“The Sacred Journey is the experience my heart and Soul have been crying out for – a powerful awakening.. 
Now that I am home, I know I must leave my job as it no longer reflects who I am now. If I don’t act on this knowing, I will begin to slowly die inside.
I sense more change is coming, and I am very excited. 
Thank you Mbali and Dean for guiding us to back to our Home and Ancestors. 
 You are both deeply connected to Mother Earth and the Ancestors-are generous, caring facilitators of the highest integrity.
How to describe such a profound journey? 
-the White Lions’ majesty and unconditional love
-stillness of the Serpent Cave
-the Divine embrace of the Sacred Mother
-hot sunshine; goats, donkeys and giraffes on the roadside; smiling eyes and open hearts of the Bushmen people; evocative animal images on ancient cave walls; juicy paw-paw and sleeping under the stars. Every day was a feast of experiences on all levels. LW

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