Coming Home~ The Divine Mother

“Unless we awaken to the mystery of the sacred feminine, of the feminine as sacred, and allow it to glow into, irradiate, illumine, and penetrate every area of our activity … we will die out and take nature, or a large part of it, with us.” Andrew Harvey– from Return of the Mother


Mother and what that means for me has been gently nudging me in messages and signs and information that I have received. I suddenly felt called last week to see Amma, who I saw once five years ago, also known as the Divine Mother  the hugging saint, to get my own hug from her and sit and wonder at the devotees that collect in their thousands to be in her presence. I watched her closely as she gives so much love tirelessly for 21 hours straight, no food or water. What struck me was how many men of all ages showed up.  But I saw


something else I witnessed unconditional love for the first time. I have felt it from the ancestors, know it in my bones, but I have never witnessed it in real time.

In February I completed a ritual that inducted me into the Mother in Malidoma’s village. I had to sit with the oldest lady ( La Vielle Dame) in the village through the night to  receive transmissions. Five years ago High Sanusi Credo Mutwa said I was mother,  that his wife Virginia was my child. I was struck with the seriuosness of that and I do ….take it seriously. He also said I was the Daughter of Mars Mapire, war truth and justice.  Now as we move into the time of the Venus eclipse a rare happening where Venus came from the underworld into the light to show herself to us, and ask us to remember the Divine Femine as right use of power, I am seeing that Mother Earth the Divine Mother has been calling us, now loudly to remember how much we have disconnected from ourselves and how much we have forgotten.

My understanding of the divine feminine is to show us a different way to hold power that has in the past has been held by the dominance of  misuse of power, a power over, not the ability to empower.

I have recently been drawn to explore more closely the Egyptian goddess’ Sekhmet and Isis.  Sekhmet’s name means “the power,” or “the mighty one.” She is a lioness goddess, the feminine face of the sun—feared by many for her destructive capacities, yet also renowned as the quintessential healing goddess of Egypt.


Sekhmet brings the fire that fuels alchemical transformation. As the consort of Ptah, she is the spark that ignites the process of manifestation. She is a staunch guardian and protector of truth and justice and in that capacity has a prominent presence on Earth at this time. She shows us her fierce compassion as she assists us in healing the dual nature within. Isis, represented the Divine Mother, who took care of everyone. ( The Anubis Oracle, Nicki Scully)

Our Earth mother continues to teach us about her rights, and if we continue to rape her, when she nurtures nourishes, sustains us, the presence of truth and justice shows up in the form of Tsunamis, earthqaukes, profound messages of “Its enough”

When we know we are enough,  we have enough, we are given enough the embodiment of unconditional love  reveals itself as a willingness to serve from a place of abundance not scarcity. We have come home and belong where ever we are.

Earth in the Dagara tradition is interestingly  male, Tingan  with a female assistant. And yet it represents, nourishing, nurturing, belonging, abundance, rootedness, identity, self worth. When earth is out of balance it is scarcity, a sense of feeling lost in the world, alone, uprooted, undernourished, low self esteem.  We CONSUME, to fill the huge emptiness, fall to addictions or OVERGIVE, which is also scarcity. Our energy is consumed with old stories that keep us from moving forward. Easier to stay in the discomfort od the comfortable.

The Great Mother, the Divine Mother, gives unconditionally, and my understanding is that  unconditional does not mean to the detriment of our own well being without boundaries or truth or justice that leaves us dry, undernourished, untilled. Unconditional love is the abiltiy to serve, in a way that does not deplete, or disempower us. It comes from a place of right use of power, humility and a genuine love of the human condition no matter what it looks like. When we act on our impulses to serve others we can feel whole.

Today I feel compelled to share what is deep in my heart, the Rape of the Mother, as we can no longer continue to ignore the glaring corellation  of what is happening to our earth, girls and women and children

There is a saying in South Africa when you hit a woman you strike a rock.

Credo Mutwa, High Sanusi said it to me this way, when you strike a woman you strike your mother. “When the men entered the mines they were forever changed, it was like raping their own mother.” It went against their traditional beliefs and culture.

Himself a miner in days gone by, Credo was speaking with much pain about the deep suffering of men who went into the mines to drill, and excavate the land for minerals. The land that had been taken from them, the land that was sacred to all indigenous peoples, the land that nourishes and nurtures.  As they penetrated deep into the mother, not to sew their seeds of new life, but to rip apart the very source of connection that had fed them, their home and their patriachial heritage, it felt, like we were raping our mothers.

In South Africa rape is being called a silent war on women and children with many thousands of rapes going unreported and unpunished, but the fact is, during a parliamentary debate it was reported that there has been a 400% increase in the sexual violence against children over the past decade. A child is raped in South Africa every three minutes!

Apartheid, slavery,  war and the removal of ancestral land, homeland  have sewn seeds not only for the breakdown of the family, but the breakdown of a value system that is deeper than any monetary system in existence or ever will be. Value of self, value of another, value of women. It is a rupture of the deep self that has left a gaping hole, unable to be filled with promises of a new world with infinite possibilities unless we “awaken to the mystery of the femine as sacred

A new South Africa has an epidemic and its not only HIV, it is a turning in on ourselves and each other. A dis-ease of the gravest kind and it is called rape of the woman, when you rape a woman you are raping your mother and grandmother. It is an epidemic that is spreading far and wide not just in South Africa, in our hometown all over the world and it is a killer. Will we continue to turn the other way?

Mother and daughter ~Beatrice Niemann

When we, the gatekeepers of this earth,  realize,  that with the continuing violation of women,  the unconditional love the honoring of our mother cannot be a promise of integrity we can truly keep.  ( Root word of Integrity= the quality or state of being whole, complete, undivded) Our roots, the very foundation of our beings is constantly under threat. We cannot truly nourish and nurture each other, and as Harvey says we will die out and take nature, or a large part of it, with us” 

Rape often goes unpunished, the victims do not want to come forward. Maybe we can imagine a restorative justice offering that looks into the deeper roots of this raging dis-ease that provides an opportunity for healing both victim and perpetrator, teachings that would hold those accountable by honoring the sacredness of women.

It requires the men to teach their brothers, their sons, and their peers, Grandmothers to teach other women mothers to teach their daughters,  that this turning in on ourselves and each other, is a fire borne out of years of a silenced internal war where the main target are women and children and ourselves.  It is not new, it is a conditioning deep in any collective dominance, conquer no matter what. Senzenina is a song that was once sung by the children during apartheid. It asks,  “Mama what have we done,  our only sin is that we are black” in that men and women were united, now do the words need to be changed to “Mama what have we done, our only sin is that we are women?” When we rape the earth we rape our divine mother, when we rape our women we rape our earth, our mothers our grandmothers.

Rape is not an option for oppression, nor is it a violent entitlement in response to a country’s violent past, or an excuse for retribution for our own traumatic experience. It is a gross violation of the Sacred Divine Feminine and our Divine Mother. The metaphor of the Divine Feminine speaks to a restoration of deep rooted healing power, the higher self that is all of us.In remembering The Divine Mother’s rights remember our own. “Being born is validation enough” Colin Campbell

One thought on “Coming Home~ The Divine Mother

  1. This is both a terrific (in the sense of terrifying) read…and a read filled with hope….thank you….very much.

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