Sacred Reciprocity

Neural Network

My friend and extraordinary healer Alan Waugh talks about Sacred Reciprocity. Not taking without giving back. This has been working me in relation to our Great Mother and assumptions that we have rights in nature when it is the other way round. Nature and all who lives there has rights and as dwellers alongside her we must live in Sacred Reciprocity with her. I hear a lot “ What’s in it for me?” Maybe it’s a meter of fencing for a White Lion, time for a 12 year old who has been raped, hope for a mother and those who come after.  Food for an orphaned child.  The gifts are endless  if we simply drop the what do I get out of this.

In my recent trip to South Africa I have had the honor to be in situations of this beautiful practice, and there are many people I visit. I see the neural network of continuing reciprocity when we come out of our fear of scarcity, a Western dis-ease that has created consumption in the most horrendous forms~  trophy hunting, hoarding, jealousy and misuse of sacred medicine,and  half heartedness.  One way is to support each others gifts and talents as there is no point in seeing each others gifts and doing nothing about it, no point in thinking there is not enough to go around and not sharing our work.  Many give back quietly without recognition, many are working tirelessly behind the scenes. Too many to mention.  Here is one story.

Story Scarves

I was welcomed by Stacey Rozen founder of story scarves in Johannesburg, South Africa and invited to share time with the young women she works with in Soweto Township. Stacey works tirelessly for this cause.

What a gift to be able to spend time in sacred space with them. Story Scarves is dear to my heart because it supports a few and there are thousands of young women in South Africa who have been part of the war on abuse of young women and girls. We arrived at a small church on a cold sunny Saturday. They began knitting and crocheting right away! The scarves they knit are distributed around the world, to help sustain some of their costs asking only that a story of the receiver is sent back. I was shocked at their focus, each one willing and keen to learn from each other and to sit together in circle. The age group limitless starting at 12, and yes they got me knitting after 40 years!

Speaking their prayer of Hope

After they began the girls were invited to share their last few days,  I noticed the emotions in the room and after they were done, I asked if the girls if we could sing and we did together. Water plays a large part in healing ceremonies rituals and I saw that how ever small the ritual water was needed. In a bowl of water each girl spoke a prayer of hope into the water. As I looked on this group of beautiful young women some of whom have already endured suffering and hardship at 12 years old that I cannot imagine, I listened to their questions: “How do we go on when there sometimes is no hope?” I found it hard to find words only to say that they were enough exactly as they are, that, no matter what, to find love for oneself after all they had endured was the hardest thing they will do and how they carried the strength and resilience of the women who came before them.

Thank you Stacey for taking on this project and giving without any pay. Thank you to the girls for their reciprocity by coming together and give back and your gift to me SACRED its value immense,  HOPE.  The 12 year old and the 19 year old named, Sinalithemba (We have hope) are the hope of a new South Africa. If the war on women does not stop we will continue to eradicate the deep healing strength and force of the women and the healers. We ended the gathering by pouring the water on the dry red earth under a wizened tree desperate for water. We asked the ancestral line of women who stood behind them for abundance, healing, strength, love and protection. Just look at us: black, white and brown all together in one circle. No more labels, we are women, standing together for the same purpose, that is enough, we are enough. Sinalithemba – We Have Hope! In this case Sacred reciprocity is to honor those who came before for what they have done and to continue to give back. Ubuntu ~ Humanity to others.  

Great Mother Stone South Africa Lighting of the Lights

On November 22nd 2012 Spring Equinox in South Africa and Rhino day 40 people from all over the world gathered at the mother stone for a Lighting of the Lights Ceremony on Llundudno Beach. We joined with others worldwide. Our prayer~

Great Mama water we greet you and are honored to be with you together for the Lighting of the Lights ceremony in our Mother Land South Africa . We connect with all those all over the world who are also lighting candles at this time. We ask for the piercing of the veils so that we see through all that no longer serves us and we ask that you bring healing peace and reconciliation at the this time for all the waters of the world. We make a comitment today to renew our pact with the Earth for Sacred Reciprocity, that we will no longer continue to take without giving back.

Through out the ceremony a group of amazing men sang their traditional songs. Their beautiful voices carried far out to the Atlantic ocean. Thank YOU to them. It was very moving. They sang for a few Rand. About $10 each. “Youl see” I said it will come back. Later that week they called to say they had been auditioned for a singing gig and they were hired!

I passed a Large chalice of Ocean water which had been present through out the ceremony around the group asking them to speak their prayer and intention for the Earth into the water and we then returned the prayers back to the ocean asking mother water to take the prayers to all the waters of the world.

White Lions of Timbavati

2013 is a year of Pilgrimage: Another kind of Sacred Reciprocity: I invite you on a  Pilgrimage to South Africa that will directly support the Bushmen, Credo Mutwa, High Sanusi the greatest repository of Ancient African knowledge and The White Lions of Timbavati. Whilst recieving this incredible opportunity to journey  with us,  you will also be supporting the preservation of indigenous wisdom of these peoples and contributing to supporting the well being of our heritage, Light bearers, Children of the Sun God, the White Lions of Timbavati. It will be an honor to facilitate this for you, and receive the gift of bringing you home!   Please go to Sacred Journeys,,  Stacey Rozen, Linda Tucker,

In Deep Gratitude. May all worlds bless and protect you


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