Piercing Through the Veils of Darkness~ into the Light

“The elephant, both powerful and vulnerable, is a poignant metaphor for all nature. Its remarkable collective memory reminds us of how much we have forgotten and have disconnected ourselves from our origins” Andries Botha ( sculptor)

The world had to come to an end as we knew it. The old structures are crumbling and dissolving they have to,  the old rules and regulations are dissolving and if we continue to hold on for dear life,  grasping on to a piece of dead wood in a torrential river we are indeed calling in a personal Sandy. How many individual and collective Sandys do we actually need to stir us from our slumber of indifference?Imageswater_diviner

In the Dagara tradition 2012 the Fire year comes to a close, and we have been on fire this year! There have been strong demands from the ancestors and other worlds to show up. As the year closes what is the unfinished business that requires you to  re ignite  your light, and what agreements need to be made to  keep that flame alight. We cannot afford to be extinguished in any shape or form. These last few weeks many things have been brought to the light just before  Dec 21st.  Betrayals, deceit and dishonesty work behind the veils of light, as does self serving. If we are truly in this together at this auspicious time and we enter a so called New Era  how do we work with forces of adversity that may constantly work against us? By deepening even more to create solid communities that support each others gifts and genius. Leave behind all that is not for your highest good. Earth wisdom teaches us to nurture and nourish each other.

Recently as I prepare for my move to South Africa I have been deeply moved by those who have shown up to support my journey, in whatever way they could.  It has stirred me.  Thank YOU  !

Sedona with Joe Dec 2012
Sedona with Joe Dec 2012 (Photo Andreia Coelho)

2013 is a Nature year, amongst the big changes and transformation that are already are occurring,  hurricane Sandy,  being one warning. On Dec 21st, we are also entering into a new dawn a new era.   It is  year of true nature, a time of of truth, and the union of the two,  and it calls on our wisdom to pierce through the veils of darkness  that have shrouded us and reveal our authentic self as a collective. As nature teaches life,  death and rebirth what masks will we need to relinquish in order for us to mimic  the Nature of our lives so we can dwell with HER in Sacred Reciprocity. not taking without giving back. This is a time of Renewing, and Revisioning. “Without  Re-integration”,  says Andrew Harvey author of Radical Passion, “there will be no future world”

Light comes from the origin, it is essential that we enlist the support and wisdom of all worlds, animals and our indigenous self in order to restore the light. We have dishonored and desecrated indigenous peoples and  their wisdom for years, we have murdered animals senselessly  for greed and trophy, we have betrayed each other and our selves.  Ancestors and other worlds have been speaking loudly targeting individuals to bring back messages. We are not always hearing. Finding a collective voice that speaks UP for the global unity of all worlds and all species is necessary for the “Spiritual unity that many are talking about.

Only when each individual accepts their responsibility to participate authentically and return to our essential self  so that  our collective experience becomes a living human testament for living in the light and we let go of the incessant “scarcity”  to self-serve,  to abuse power  – only then can the collective and the community thrive.

LIGHTING OF THE LIGHTS CEREMONY NOV 2012 CA ( Photo Anthony Mark Barrow)

I am,  with many other Wisdom Keepers performing Lighting of the Lights Ceremonies at auspicious times all over the world. Each time we light a light we re commit to renew our pact to the earth. And as in true nature it is a time for visioning, pilgrimages, and vision quests, radical action and big trust.  Step back into the magic. The medicine required is deep in nature, it lives in her and with the animals. The root word of respect, means to look again, Nature is demanding her rights to be respected, we have to look again. I finish writing this as a new day is dawning.  By Dec 21st I will be home in South Africa,  coming full circle after 58 years. I am in deep gratitude for the medicine of the Dagara people,  for my ancestors and other worlds, for the White Lions for bringing me home at such an auspicious time.


Join me on March 22nd,   2013 on a Big Journey to meet with the Sacred Shamans of the Ancient.  The White Lions of Timbavati  in their ancestral homelands. Enlightenment bearers, endangered and rare animals. Credo Mutwa,  Shaman and High Sanusi asking for an exploration of knowledge of the spiritual unity that is required for humanity to exist. And the Khomani San Bushmen, who are also endangered, and are steeped in 20,000 years of ancient history, but forgetting their medicine. Support all of our heritage by coming on this journey in this amazing time.

May all worlds bless and protect you always on your journey of radical action


http://www.ourdivinemedicine.com. http://www.whitelions.org, andriesbotha.net, watersongline.com

See you on the Other Side
See you on the Other Side ( Photo Anthony Mark Barrow)

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