Meeting the Ancient Self

The Old Fig tree on Timbavati Land

I have just returned from guiding a journey within a journey with 12 courageous, invincible women.  A Coming Home,  Sacred Journey to South Africa, Sacred Shamans  of the Ancient and come home they did.

It is a year of change and transformation in the Dagara tradition and as I continue to bring people home to  South Africa I am more and more aware how this land, it’s peoples, the ancient indigenous wisdom that we were privy to, and the animals manifest healings and transformation that was a privilege to witness. It invigorated, renewed, revived and above all tapped into the ancient inside us, to reveal gifts, purpose and genius. I saw revelations, re birth, coming into the light, great joy, and it was fast, beautiful and remarkable.

Our work as thirteen women was also to perform global rituals for all women everywhere, the theme that we held Coming Home. At the home of Credo Mutwa with his wife Virginia we re- remembered  those who had lost their lives, young women, and we poured water for reconciliation on to the red sands of Credo’s homeland in Kuruman.

At the Star Lion in Timbavati, ancestral home of the White Lions, a constant source of transmission we remembered, and we spoke our words and intentions into mother nature, the wild nature that surrounded us in everyway. On another day some of our group saw the Great King  Mandla and his Queen Zhira flirting, playing, intimate gestures teaching us about love and right use of power, what a gift to behold. At  the same time others  held space for the lions in meditation with Linda Tucker, Keeper of the White Lions, sitting in the light of the Children of the Sun God, who were sheltering from the rain.  In the Lion’s presence we were still, watching and listening in silence, it  sometimes feels like little is happening. Often there are messages transmissions and at this time of the New Dawn we are receiving the Divine Medicine we need to have at that time. Messages of light and radiance that we are to bring back to share.

The Great Womb
The Great Womb

At the Great Womb, near Kuruman one of the most powerful energy Centers in the world also known as the secret cave, by Credo Mutwa we traveled down into her radiance, greeting the mysteries and the magic of her rock guardians. We sang to her on a platform of stone as we reinforced our agreements to work with women and men to  heal and strengthen our ties and bonds to bring balance in our world.

In the Kalahari Desert we brought rain with us, the Bushmen were impressed. For four nights we found our voices, we deepened our bond to each other and renewed our commitments as the elements rumbled our bones and shook us out of our reverie.

Our Bushmen family gently  counselled and shared their ancient wisdom, their gifts, and we discovered our

Old ways of making jewelry and bone burning Kalahari
Old ways of making jewelry and bone burning

indigenous higher selves. When we left it was with reluctance, we had touched home, in the desert  we had found water, literally lots and lots of it as the thunder, lightening and wind rumbled any structures of our own walls still standing and we swam in the water of our lives.During our warm and sunny daylight hours we shared stories and ceremony in Ancient caves with Bushmen grandmothers, and watched bone burning and jewelry being made in the old way.  We left our footprints in the sand. Some had fallen in love……with themselves again.

Deep gifts and deep wisdom were  shared with each other and our hosts, and in every moment we were strengthened. Credo Mutwa High Sanusi holder of the great Umalando sang to us, in a voice so sweet and vulnerable it broke us open. At times his message clear and strong and real. And at times his vulnerability revealed his passion to create a spiritual Unity. At this time in his life any time spent with this elder is precious, and if possible, experience it now.  We shared our gifts and we left so very full.

In Soweto outside the Regina Mundi church I heard a woman sing and my heart burst open. I asked if she would honor us with her voice. This group of women, I said,  had come a long way to visit our  homeland.  Not only did she sing but she gathered an impromptu choir of about 15 men and women, elders and young people. In Regina Mundi church where during apartheid,  several children ran for cover and were shot during the riots, they accommodated my wish from a place of Ubuntu, a philosophy and practice held and shared again and again as I traverse these lands. Humanity to Others. They sang out of reverence for the group,   as visitors to their church,  our  country and they sang to us, moving us to tears of joy as we were stirred to remember their struggle. And afterwards we left the church together in a procession of joy and unity.
With the grandmothers in the Kalahari
With the grandmothers in the Kalahari

There is I believe a message of importance that has been shown to me, again and again as I fulfil my agreement to the other world, to bring people home through ceremony, divination and sacred Journeys. Connecting to the ancient inside us so we may re-remember who we are and what we came to do, is a profound call to answer, and  essential if we are to move forward with the work of Unity that is being called for. This has nothing to do with gaining power for personal use, or massaging the ego. If that’s you, this journey is NOT for you.  This is a pilgrimage of heart, of community, of honoring our wild nature and of connecting to the Shamans of the Ancient.

The word shaman has become  yet another new age concept. It is not to be taken lightly. Come and meet true Shamans, if it’s there inside you,  this journey will awaken you to a calling you may have forgotten,  a dream you may have lost, your medicine. Come and  reawaken to your true nature, and meet the radiance of the indigenous.

Join me for another profound pilgrimage Back to Origin.  Go to  Sacred Journeys for the October 2013 Journey. It would be an honor to be your guide and your host, it would be an honor to assist in your homecoming.

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There is nothing like taking a pilgrimage only to find you have returned home.

May all worlds bless and protect you always




6 thoughts on “Meeting the Ancient Self

  1. Beautifully written Mbali from your heart & truth of what was & is! It was a complete journey of re – rememberance & home coming for me & I treasure every moment of this incredible journey in the company of twelve extraordinary women,an absolutely unique experience for each of us,travelling together without conflict through our own challenges with kindness,tollerance & a true sense of adventure into ourselves & others! So much laughter between us all which raised up the vibration beautifullly! Mbali your generous ability,skill,forsight & intuition to guide us whilst letting us flow & figure things out I really appreciate! for you safely introduced us to many amazing people & worlds.Gratitude for all your hard work in bringing us all together for ‘we’ were definately called to accompany you along this path & I trust that I may travel with you again soon,love,light & laughter! Katrine

    1. Katrine there you are free spirit, your gifts of love and honoring through the journey everywhere we went your own indigenous radiance was such a deep contribution that added more to what is an amazing group. Thank you for being there and yes again we must do it all again
      Big love

  2. Hi dear beautiful sister Mbali! I¨m so grateful for your post, because I feel I am a part of the journey even I was not able to participate this time. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3<3<3 and much love to all the women in the group. Blessing, Maria-Conchita

  3. Mbali how wonderful to have the whole trip woven together so beautifully. Mother Africa always touches deeply into my being but this trip was exceptional. Mbali you lead the group with such unbroken, sacred relationship. You so generously and with such integrity and commitment opened the door and invited us into the hearts of these First people, their truths and ways. It was a humbling and life changing experience. The journey was a continuous ritual of honouring and being honoured. And to share it with twelve other incredible woman, to witness, support and share the joy as each of us came home was beauteous and left us with bonds that will never be broken. It was such a privilege. Deep thanks to All

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