I’m back in connection sorry its been a while….Hoping this finds you all well and infinitely blessed. Blessings came in so many ways even when I thought I was off track. Listening, hearing and taking action assisted me in a deeper connection to the vibration and the mystery of this land and my ancestors. They have guided me and spoken loud and cautioned and advised. I am fortunate to have such an incredible ancestral family and legacy!

Someone asked me recently,

“ What’s next for you?” I said I had to continue the journey until the ancestors guide me to stop.

“Oh,” she said “it’s a personal journey then”

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

Marcus Garvey

At the banks of the mighty Orange River Upington

Every road I take is for the greater good. What I thought would be a solitary/personal  journey, has in fact  been a journey that has been full of other people, children, animals, ancestors mine and others and included many events and relationships. Some of these relationships have deepened, some have ended, some are still tentative. I have not decided. Each journey and dirt road a teacher. I am richer for each experience, challenging at times, but richer never the less. My eyes were opened wider, as I was called back to familair territory to be shown, informed, cautioned and in that trusting I saw what I needed to see.

I walked an old dirt road in a place called Phillipolis where my great grandfather was born, I have seen  how my father and his ancestors lived in remote places and I understand now why my spirit longs for solitude for chopping wood and carrying water.

Image     Image       Image

I travel the dirt roads alone even though I have been cautioned not to, it’s my place of solitude. I get shaken up, avoid driving into pot holes, swerve to miss animals who suddenly appear. I am scared and joyful, tearful  and peaceful. Every tar road had a dirt road at some juncture. The wisdom along the way has come in many forms,  all of it I am gathering so that I can be of some good in this country full of miracles, immense sacredness and heart break.

Image      Image

I am doing my work on the dirt roads, the work of tracking my ancestors may not look much, but now I see I  can better move inbetween all cultures, all peoples, not to understand as that would take a lifetime,  not to assume I know what they want or need, but to dig under the complex mind of South Africa, and to touch into the heart of what I know is big. It’s the the Great Mother,  it’s where the first peoples originate, some say from where we all originated. South Africa  amongst other things contains the oldest rocks in the world, where I was fortunate enough to visit. That in itself says much and its mysteries and great knowledge are held by an extraordinary grandfather called Credo Mutwa and many others who keep the mysteries for reasons of great importance. South Africa holds holy places and ancient places, we cannot be but transformed. On one of my journeys I was fortunate enough to sit at the base of a Mountain where Credo Mutwa said God rested while he created the earth……there with my friend we lit candles for love and reconciliation for divine women, along the Blyde River, Mpumalanga. But come and join me ( see for yourself in the 2014 Sacred Journey)

ImagePlatfontein Kimberly Northern Cape

Home of Kwe Bushmen ImageHole in the wall Eastern Cape     Image

Plettenberg Bay, Bushmen Mountain

“Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world, its forms may change yet it’s essence remains the same” Unknown.

With this in mind It’s definately not personal. I travel with a whole band of unseen ancestors guiding me coaxing me working for me, until I will find a place of peace, and it will be them who decide where that will be. There is  some collaboaration from me so if we remember we are not the only people at the center of our universe, that all that is given, provided comes from them, we may also remember that our actions are witnessed by them and in that I am kept humbled, not fumbling humble cap in hand, but when that dirt road throws up a few lessons learnt I am not alone.

Along the way I was called to work that fed my soul and demanded my soul my hearts attention. Even my lungs have been pushed to great work as I realized I was not inhaling not wanting to breathe it all in. Now though I do, I have to in order to keep the heart open, and I must also remember to exhale too so that the passages stay clear.


Kalahari Desert with the Khomani Bushmen

My country is still of immense separation ….yes still, and I know that my work is to be a bridge. I am falling more in love with South Africa  each day,  and I know and see the light at the end of the tunnel as to how that can work if I am to stay in alignment.   Another part of me requires a deep connection to the people, knowing that it is the only way to be the whole bridge, bricks, cement, water, stone.  I am though all of it, the water under the bridge,  the rocks and stones under the water, the nexus to other roads and paths. I am also a daughter of Justice, so to continue to see the eyes of racism, poverty and injustice staring back at me, requires me to dig even deeper each day so I don’t  fall into a pothole of despair. I must be the bridge and the pothole.

I am in every person, every tree,  river, mountain. I am the White Afrikaaner farmer,  the Indian princess, the Zulu Doctor, the Bushmen hunter, the Bantu black 3 year old child playing in the dirt in the township.  The Xhosa woman living in a rondaval, the so called colored farmworker’s wife living in a stone cottage with no water or electricity, and the wealthy landowner, who holds onto his land and family, while others want to reclaim the land that was taken away. I am all of them.

I have lit candles alone by the mighty orange river to pray for peace.

I am beginning to love my dirt roads, gravely, slippery, muddy, and with a few more to travel,  I hope you will join me, by taking the risk and immense invitation to explore this incredible land with me. I am cooking life changing journeys that offer the opportunity to truly answer your souls longing, with people  who inspire me, with their love of all that South Africa have to offer,  who live it.


 I am beginning an organization called Coming Home so I can  continue to work with the beautiful courageous loving  souls who use their pensions, about $100 a month to assist the children in re remembering the old languages,  the dances, the herbs the healing ways. I am digging out  the grandmothers and grandfathers from their hideaways to ask them to assist in this project so they can leave a legacy that every parent wants for their family ~ to know where they have come from and where they belong and its more than any monetary legacy. It restores the dignity that apartheid in South Africa stripped away, and still continues to strip away. If the wisdom is  not preserved the next generation will not only have forgotten it will never have known.

Best comment from the last project we did a few months ago with 50 children, from an 8 year old.

“What did you learn from the three days?”

“I learnt I am not a colored I learnt I am a !korona and we have our own ways!”

I have also learnt through taking the the dirt roads that I too am not a colored, 62 years later! I am a descendant of a Bushmen,  a Khoi Khoi healer,  a Xhosa King, Dutch, French Hugenots, Portuguese fisherman, a farmer,  Nelson Mandela’s Thembu tribe, and its still unfolding. I am so very rich. The infinite wisdom that is presented when we take a pilgrimage is more than words can express. I invite you to join me on the dirt road I would love to take your hand and show you what I have seen,  and assist you in reclaiming the mystery of your life. Home awaits you, as do I.


Xhosa Women

South Africa I am learning is truly holy, full of alters and prayers, the divine and mystery, and in amongst the darkness a profound light, each month  along with the thirteen Grandmothers and the Council of the Mothers of the Waters of which I am honored to be a part we hold up that light together to pray for peace and the waters of the world., ( Sacred Journeys)

May your ancestors and all worlds bless and protect you always.


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