Don’t Shoot the Messenger


“ Inside this new love, die.Your way begins on the otherside. Become the sky. Take an axe to the prison wall. Escape. Walk out like somebody suddenly born into color. Do it now. You’re covered with a thick cloud. Slide out the other side. Die, and be quiet. Quietness is the surest sign that you have died. Your old life was a frantic running from silence.

The speechless full moon comes out now.” -Rumi

2014 is a Mineral year in the Dagara tradition and I have just returned from the Kaapsehoop mountain home of many ancient rocks, caves  and some of the oldest rock formations in the world,  where wild horses are guardians to the land. If you have been in the secret land of forgetfulness then Re-remembering what we came here to do, be, making sense of what is already in our bones, listening in a way that calls our deepest attention, receiving messages and being the messenger,  re~ visioning our medicine and expressing our voices with clarity,  vision and courage is what this Mineral year will be shaking us up for. Throw the pieces of your life up into the air and see where they re ~align.

253 logies mother stone rock
Logies Mother Stone Rock Near Cape Town

It’s about the rocks, bones and stones of the earth, the mountains rumbling us. It is about the old old ones, thousands of years old calling us, to remember what is already in us and it’s ancient, primal, raw and solid.

The artist, poet, writer, actor, photographer, video/film  maker, story teller, speaker, teacher, animal communicator, dancer, medicine man, woman, diviner, music maker is in all of us and if it’s not then we will be called to assist to bring that to others. If it calls to you try it out.

Kaapsehhop  Said to be the oldest rock formations on earth
Said to be the oldest rock formations on earth

We will be asked to be the inscribers, and record keepers for the next generations and for the young ones to be supported to bring forth their voices in every creative way imaginable. Not turning a blind eye to their self medicating, lest they lose themselves in the tree of forgetfulness because we are too busy, lethargic, self obssesed, distracted to assist them in not forgetting to use their imagination  Throw them a bone, with marrow of awe, and wonder.

Modernity meets ancient, it’s about cracking the code,  remembering and finding the password to our bones. Finding a wise language where we can all communicate, especially with our future generations so we can leave a legacy of dignity that respects all beings and Nature for their changing lives. It’s about preserving ancient wisdom, tradition, culture and language.


The key to unlocking the password lies in what we already know. The Natural world, the other worlds, the dreamtime, our ancestors, a stranger, inituition, gut feeling, inner knowing, old mind and the elders. The sun, moon, planets stars and thunder beings, a fairy tale, or a childhood story. Nothing new ….or is it?

This year,  all the stops will be pulled out because some of us have heard but not listened, listened but not heard.  Be still, trust more, listen to silence, the wind, and pay homage to every thing that calls your attention because we have to attend to our bones and the mineral people.


Mineral energy must flow according to the Dagara tradition. If you are at a standstill, feel silenced, overwhelmed with what seems like obstacles, great boulders, choking on your life, looking for direction and guidance then you will be sent signs, messages and symbols.

You will anyway…..


It is that year to act on all that is being shown to you. A time for otherwordly guidance. I urge you to receive a divination or reading or consultation. Your ancestors will knock loudly at the door.

Check your communication and expression, is it too much? Return, go inside to bring alignment, when the voice comes through it will be heard. and you will recognize it as your own, it will hold truths and authenticity, sacred authority and clarity.  Listen to the sound of silence.

Check when you are silent and need to speak up. Be bold, and courageous like the mountain.  Speak up and out with truth and authenticity and above all integrity. For justice, for love and for our children, animals, and elders. Speak up and out for change, peace, and for freedom for us all.

Unpack your dreams, look into them. Decipher the enigimas, the real riddles and mysteries of your life. Taste and swallow the elixars ( miraculous magical medicine) Vision Quest, and take visionary action, because action is the surest sign that you have heard.

Find a new story and tell it, by bringing your revisioned medicine out to the world!

Jump off the precipice of your life into a different reality.( Locust medicine) If you do one thing this year I urge you to take a sacred journey to the mountain spend time with ancient rocks. A time for you to bring your voice forward and be heard a time to receive messages and to deliver them.  Go tell it on the mountain, stand at the precipice, slide out the other side of your tunnel vision and gain a wider perspective on your life. Bring back your messages  we need them. Delve into your gifts and share them with us so we too can thrive as a collective. Maybe you are that oracle, that diviner, that seer.


Check out Ourdivinemdicine’s life changing journeys to South Africa. This year’s will be revealed in the next month.  We are moving mountains to bring you a  journey you will always remember,  a journey that will tap into the ancient story in your bones and follow the song lines deep in your memory, like the whales.  We will go  to the oldest rocks in the world, to Eden, work with the first peoples the Bushmen of Botswana and tap into the primal voices of the wild ones. We will seed prayers for ourselves and all beings to ask the ancient grandmothers and grandfathers to assist us in being who we came here to be.

This post was inspired by a fellow adventurer, Leon at Kaapsehoop Mountain, thank you for your time and generosity,  where I sat with ancient rocks and the waterfall of Gold and made magic music.  Rumi, Mary Oliver, creator of all, and mostly by the ancestors, and all who walk with me.


I leave you with the medicine of the Mountain Goat:

Approach a precipice with ease and ambition. Search your soul in places high and inaccesible for your sustanance. They love great heights which symbolizes spiritual ambition, find independant adventures and explore high vistas.



Happy New Mineral year, see you on the otherside. May all worlds bless and protect you always.

Mbali, Ntombekhaya.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Shoot the Messenger

  1. I needed to hear all of that, Thankyou Mbali spot on! Gratitude and love to all who inspired you… Love, light, & laughter! Katrine

  2. It is Because the goodness we spread has the purest of power. that is why we shall always have an opened heart to deepening the understanding of our important existence through nature i send you all my energy and may you always grow in Light and love, Thank you for the passion and compassion for our lifetime here Together Lets continue restoring the real plan of Earth, Love over fear

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