” You have to feel it. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up.”Louise Erdich, The Painted Drum


My life has forever changed as I have now excepted my calling to become a traditional healer of South Africa. My recent journey this last year has culminated in this blessing and yes calling. Many steps have led me to this moment and I am less surprised than stunned in the way my beloved ancestors have brought me home and continue to show me and light the path. I am very aware that to turn back would be unwise.

 I love the medicine work and I feel renewed and revived to be learning new ways of the Xhosa traditional medicine people whilst I still continue to work with my Dagara medicine gifts. There have been many challenges, and with the help of a small handful of amazing people, I am through the first part of a long journey. What I have come to discover is that these ceremonies I am undertaking are in no way just for me, they are for the health and well being of my whole community.  As I got that information I was given a new name. Bavulele, “one who opens the way for others”. That makes five names in total which also means, one with lots of names means lots of demands from others.

Now it’s not all hugs and roses out here far from it,  but there is a sense that now I am most definately not alone although I am fiercely holding on to my solitude absolutely necessary for my sanity. I learn again that the ancestors have their way their timing their reasons and if I trust the way always opens. I encourage this openness, surrender in everyone I meet, the blessings are great. I long to sit in a rondaaval in my beloved green hills of Eastern Cape, chopping wood and carrying water. NOT so, well at least not yet and not for any length of time.. Someone told me that I have a big name, meaning …..you have to be heard. I am here!


Part of my work  is to create Sacred Journeys to my homeland. I am lucky enough to have met some beautiful souls along the way, and they have agreed to join me as teachers and guides to assist in bringing you home.Yes ….it’s my belief Africa is also YOUR original home.

The flavor of the journey has changed. A few weeks ago I was sitting on the beach in Eden, Cape Point, South Africa, with my friend Craig Foster watching sharks swim in the shallow water. Earlier that day Craig had midwifed me into the water to wait for the sharks to surround us. I was more scared of the big waves than the sharks. Craig had suggested they did not stay with me because they could pick up on my fear. He stayed close, gently and quietly speaking to them and within a few minutes they surrounded us and one brushed against me. It was for me an initiation. Later that evening both of us reluctant to leave the sharks still visible in the water we did a short meditation. Craig’s response deeply touched me. “Mbali what I heard was that one day we will be returned to how we once were, many animals and peoples communicating with each other.” Tears came to my eyes, what have we done,  was my only thought.

Animal Communicator Bird 1 J
Animal Communicator Anna Breytenbach

A few months earlier I had been sitting drinking coffee with Anna Breytenbach, of “Animal whisperer tames angry leopard” fame, from The Animal Communicator film which Craig Foster directed and is fast gaining huge recognition. Anna is a world renowned Master Animal Communicator. I feel that is a phenomena in itself, why is that gaining such recognition, what is stirring inside us, it’s fantastic. I had boldly asked her to join me on the next journey, she agreed. So now the team was forming and I had these two incredible beings interested in the mission. I noted that whilst Anna stayed present to the conversation, her radar was picking up on every bird that touched down or chirped close to us. It was a wonder to behold, I was mesmerized watching her.

Anna Breytenbach Cape Point
Anna Breytenbach Cape Point

Both Anna and Craig I come to find, spoke highly of a man in Botswana who they both had journeyed with. Craig likens him to the old Bushmen master in the days when humans and animals spoke to each other, and it was the norm. Alwyn Myburgh is the man who will complete the dream team. I have watched a Bushmen speak to a lion like a child, and also teasing it. When he was coaxing the lion to turn to us. “Hey dont show us your backside, he said in Afrikaans, “come you, “old boy” you too old to walk to us now?” The lion did eventually turn to us with some disdain and a sort of patronising attitude of the Bushmen. It was a beautiful connection. Sometimes one is constantly seeking the HIGH the EDGE the thing that will take us to ‘That place” when sometimes it is a  simple profound encounter. Like mine with a sea hare recently ! Sea hares don’t like to come out of the water especially for long periods of time, as this one did and sat right next to my boot.

Sea Hare
Sea Hare

This journey will assist us in having those encounters, life changing often simple, and will take us back to those ancient times when people lived in extreme human awareness.


So I am humbled and thrilled to bring you A Coming Home Journey to South Africa and Botswana Nov 1st to the 14th 2014 with three of the top Animal communicators in the world!  It is already nearly filled, after one week, so if not this year, next. This mineral year is to remember, It will help us to remember the human interface between animals and humans, which has been lost. The journey cannot help but touch deep into our ancient beings. Please go to Sacred Journeys on this website to receive a day by day insight into the wonders of a magical adventure.


“The only risk …..is not taking one!” Welcome Home

See you on the other side, may all worlds bless and protect you always.



Anna Breytenbach: http://www.animalspirit.org

Craig Foster: http://www.senseafrica.com


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