The Calling

“As humans in this spirit world, our task, with the help of ritual, is to enter the spider web symbolic of the interwoven connectedness of all the Earth’s people and animals. Together, the more creatures we include, the stronger the healing network of humanity becomes.”

Geral Blanchard, LPC


I have noticed a greater attention given to connection, protection and communication with animals. Something is calling and some of us have heard. There are many indigenous tribes who still communicate in the ancient way and many where this way,  is rapidly dying out. I also understand something I had not realized until recently. My deeper connection to animals is my deeper connection to the wildness inside me which is not separate from nature. This is an ancient connection in a new time, a rebirth of an opening of consciousness that allows me complete freedom to be truly authentic. Nature demands authenticity, it demands truth, and it also teaches rebirth, everyday it changes, reminding us, that nothing remains the same.

“To give birth to the ancient in a new time is creation” Jung

I remember Malidoma Some, Shaman, and educator once asking how wild we wanted to be, how green we wanted to be. He went on to suggest that nature invites us to break all the rules. How I come to understand that now is that more and more people that I engage with are connecting to the animals in a variety of ways. Either they are fighting for their rights or protection, or feel called to communicate with them, or have simply just become more aware of interspecies connection, the whole of the natural world. The rights of these beings who cannot fend for themselves against humans wanting them as a trophy has a deep connection to our own lack of freedom due to conditioning,  self imposed restrictions and injustice,  and our forgotten wildness. Many people seem to be experiencing a deeper sense of loss, confusion and a sense of spiritual homelessness, and there is a shift in as much as it seems that they are no longer hiding it, it is being expressed loudly, almost like an animal roar or cry for help.


This year is a mineral year, and the ancient grandmothers and fathers, millions of years of old of stored memory is calling us back to remember a way of being that we have forgotten,  the soul’s nostolgic longing. A suckling new born seeking to return to Nature’s breast. I see that our deeper wisdom, the old mind the higher self is remembering something ancient. We are being literally called now by the animals and nature to wake up.  My own ancestors walked the coastal land of the very shores I find myself now, living.  Where once they used the herbs and plants that grew in abundance for medicine and feasted on the food from the ocean and where they communicated with the wild animals of the sea and the land. I  wonder what wisdom was exchanged.

My new home, the land of my ancestors, free and wild.
My new home, the land of my Khoi Khoi ancestors.

The other day at Cape Point my friend took me to meet a baby shark. The water was 17 degrees. A few months ago I would not have gone under the water and it was much warmer! Down there I remember something, it’s where my ancestors used to dive and swim, without masks or snorkels, and when I come up I am enlivened, awake, clear as a bell. Something deep is changed. Being in the presence of the shark I felt a compassionate connection. It made me want to linger, stay, by no means is  it  cosy or comfortable, as it would be for a seasoned water person,  yet it felt like home, I was reluctant to leave.

Later that week we walked the sea shore it was deserted. This very stretch of beach is special.

images-1 This afternoon in the distance a lone female ostrich wanders across the land, to the right, watching us are several Eland, and across from them a band of baboons, grooming each other. Later we track the animals foot prints, all so different. I am introduced to the another magic of a natural world. I look around at what seems to be a non event and for a minute I can’t breathe, overtaken by what I understand as the presence of God. Nothing spectacular was happening and yet the very scene was in itself divine. In that moment I understood that the only real connection I have to God is in nature. In that moment, I am whole, complete and grateful that I have that time with God. This is how people lived daily and we have forgotten.


Nature is not going anywhere and yet we forget that she is always there and the true non attachment lives in the magic of an encounter with her teachings, of life, death and rebirth and the wild. She is calling us back to origin. The ancient is rumbling, and whatever way we hear it and respond and respond we must now, it can only be a radical stand to the longing to connect to something so much bigger than us. We have forgotten and that forgetfulness has sent us into a swirling pool of loss and grief and helplessness. Our ancestors work hard on our behalf, it is their job to make sure we are bringing our gifts to the world. They will provide us with many openings to do that. If you are being called to spirit, or seeking a connection “to something” I hear often, what ever language you wish to use, all that is and of nature is spirit, there is no separation, including other worlds, mystery, magic, seen and unseen. So break all the rules, get wild and take a radical stand in re- birthing yourself into a new creation.

May all worlds bless and protect you always.


Look out for our amazing journeys Back To Origin


One thought on “The Calling

  1. Wonderful natural awakenings! The animals have been waiting for generations for us to re connect with them as we welcome each other home. Beautifully written Mbali thank you

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