Medicine Abounds

whale fins

Within walking distance of where I live, there is a small town squeezed between the rocky shore and a steep mountain. In season, whales frolick in the deep waters close to the shore. I have seen pods of dolphins swimming in unison.  These last few days I have been lucky enough to spend time with a mother and a calf. Yesterday 4 whales showed up. The mother may even have birthed her calf in these waters, because now it has indeed grown since I first saw them. She comes in close, to the delight of the passers by. The town where I live is small enough that when whales are spotted, you’ll hear about it in the cafe. Yesterday after hearing that they were out, I hurried down to where they were seen, and in no time at all, I was rewarded. There she was again for all to see, breaking the water, her huge body emerging and dissapearing, with an occasional spray of water, the calf swimming alongside. Always a gasp escapes, because it is, well breathtaking. The people on the side walk all gush in unison, and we are connected, whale, calf, me and passersby, in our delight and wonder of this massive yet gentle, wild being, playing, teaching and nurturing her young one. I was there for over an hour with her.

images-1Every sighting is a privilege, every encounter a message from the divine, every sound, her song medicine, haunting like no other. The vibration of her being so close to shore is purposeful, I sense she is on some level working in these waters for the higher good not only of the waters, but for us all. When she is so close she can interact on a very intimate level showing us her gentle strength, reminding us never to forget whale medicine. Amongst many myths, legends and truths they are the record keepers, they carry ancient knowledge and represent in folklore and mythology the mystery of life, death and the after life. I stood at the edge of the rocks, wanting to get as near to her as possible, closing my eyes I asked her to connect to my heart and show me a sign. When I opened my eyes her fin was upright, she herself seemed to raise herself above the water giving all of us an incredible view. It’s as though she knows that by showing herself, brings immense joy, a message, I am big and strong AND gentle.


UnknownWhat a message about right use of power in our violent times. She is other worldly. A group of school children walked by, one of them cried out when her fin stood upright, another said, smugly oh have you never seen a whale before. I was reluctant to leave mother and baby. The whale reminded me to play, and the school girl,  never take for granted the awesomeness of the wild, natural world.

So I will imagine swimming deeply with the whale, navigating the waters with her and her calf by my side for the next steps of the journey, her wisdom, guidance and clarity will assist me in the deeper waters of the unknown. Whales are often associated with creation, birth and rebirth, and cosmic consciousness. May we embrace all of this, I know I will.


Earlier this week, I had to deal with some challenging news, and speak my truth. I asked for guidance from the ancestors and I was shown ants. I know that ants and termite mounds are used for injustices in rituals but this time that did not resonate. So I sat and stared at them until the word patience came. They are tiny indeed but never underestimate their strength and patience. So I looked up the medicine of ants. “ant can carry a leaf over hundreds of miles just to get back to the anthill. In Africa they will strip a forest bare when food is scarce. It’s about knowing the sweet victory at the end of the line. Remember you will always receive that what you need at the time you need it most. Those who make greed a way of life prey on the fear and urgency of those who have forgotten natural and tribal law. Trust natural law, and harmony will follow” Source Jamie Sams and David Carson, Medicine Cards. …… and in that moment of challenge I forgot that…….and so I made an offering to them asking for their assistance for me to trust and be patient. Now I await what I had forgotten…..that good always triumphs over bad stuff. They were my super heroes of the day. Thank you to the tiny ants for your huge medicine!


I had a the wonderful spontaneous opportunity to spend some time with a friend from Canada near Bushmens Kloof, Travelers Rest where we stayed are old farm cottages,  located at the foot of the Cedarberg Mountains in the Western Cape. It feels like an oasis of deep secrecy, the spirits of the Bushmen still present in the rock art of tall blue men, headless warthogs and golden elephants, engraved strategically on the rocks where the sun hits them at certain times of the day and they shine. The deep crags in rich reddish brown mountains call me to crawl into the caves. When I see the early morning veils of mist rising from the icy cold river, sparking magic and mystery,  I wonder about the water spirits there. I am immediately transported to ancient times.IMG_7207

On our drive there we found an owl, road kill, not too long before we stopped. It was still warm. I asked that we do a sacred burial. Before we buried this magnificent creature in the sand dunes, a friend of the night, we looked into its yellow eyes, they were remarkably bright. The eyes have stayed with me, the owl has stayed with me, informing my short stay in that incredible place. The owl manages to see beyond deception and illusion, often assisting us in seeing what’s kept hidden, it can guide us in discernment, and helps us to assess situations. Pay attention to the winds of change. And we did. Ritual and ceremony will present itself when the time is right, it doesn’t have a schedule or even cares if we are ready.

Cape eagle owl
Cape eagle owl


Over the years practicing as a medicine woman I have learned to “be prepared” My friend and I shared a room. We both woke up at 4.30am and soon after, as we had done the last two days started giggling over some innane remembering. Falling back to sleep, our ritual was not till dawn, we both dreamt at the same time. Her dream informing me what I needed to do, my dream informing me what she needed to do that day, in preparation and closure of the ritual. Its interpretation a magical deciphiring of words, images, symbols and resonance. ……Thats how I am reminded of the power of the other world and their communication skills! It brought such deep gratitude. The ancestors, the owl, the spirit of the bushmen, the ice cold river and the spirits of water and the land were all present in the formation, guidance and delivering of this ritual.

index12  DSCN4549


Makhosi! I love my work.

May all worlds bless and protect you always.



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