Return to Origin

courtesy of Tessa Marais

There is a place in Cape Point, South Africa, where if I remain very still and listen with all my senses, I hear in the wind the voices of the ancestors. When I look across the deserted white sand beach, I imagine them slowly walking along the shore line gathering food, spearing fish to eat, and diving into kelp forests immersing in the silence of the deep blue green water. These images are clear thanks to the recreation of these peoples from 100,000 years ago by award winning documentarian Craig Foster. For more info:


courtesy of Craig Foster


I have just returned from facilitating an incredible journey, Origin presented by Ourdivinemedicine, with 13 people and three master guides, wisdom keepers and teachers. Anna Breytenbach international animal communicator known from the documentary the Animal Communicator, made by Craig Foster and Swati Thiyagarajan. Alwyn Myburgh, in Botswana is a deep nature guide and master tracker, animal communicator reminiscent of the old bushmen masters.

courtesy of Craig Foster


Craig Foster is also one of the guides and wisdom keepers on this journey. He is our thread that returns us to Origin throughout. Craig has been working the land and especially the waters, its animals and creatures of Cape Point for many years and has recently been doing ground breaking work with others, that shows the latest scientific evidence, that the first modern humans lived at the coast on the Southern tip of Africa, in what is now the Western Cape of South Africa. Craig introduced some of his work in our journey of Origin in very hands on experiences, including interspecies communication, and incredible images. This along with the introduction of rituals, sacred reciprocity and the extraordinary natural world that showed up, we became immersed in the land and all it’s offerings as participants, part of a human document, not just voyeurs. It was indeed a homecoming and connected the dots to the ancient and wild parts of ourselves.



We began with a registration earth ritual letting the ancestors know the group had arrived and their country of origin, registering them with an indigenous visa. An immediate simple offering of ash and alcohol was made in exchange for a request to keep us safe and protected and to open the way for us to do our work. The practice of sacred reciprocity was honored throughout the journey, at the waters on the land, in nature and to the animals. The area we work in at Cape Point, holds a wild energy, the elements and the wind can stir us up, it often helps me to re remember. The cold water immersions and deeper water connections we experienced are transformative, varying for each person. We entered into cold ocean water and stayed until we were all warm soon forgetting it was 14 degrees. It gave us courage to enter into the waters at 6am the next day where we were able in low tide and clear waters to witness the swarming wild life of the ocean and feast from the kelp and nectar of urchins. One participant shared his profound experience “the cold impression of the skin is replaced by warmth and heat of the body. The feeling of no boundary between the ocean and the body enters into my mind and spirit. I feel like being one with the ocean and my body starts floating simultaneously”


courtesy of Reiner Marwitz


In a magical encounter with a shark we learned about the healing power of touch, that we cannot touch without being touched, and a deep love was formed between the group, and the shark. Craig’ s immense reverence for all he encounters in these waters is a teaching of the Ropes to God in Action. Shark medicine reminded us to be fearless and adaptable. They are also animals who hold the medicine of power, protection and emotional transformation.



Back in Cape Point we worked to recreate our own wild and ancient beings, a deep process of remembering that took on a life of its own, as each participant transformed in ancient ways infront of our eyes. This culminated in a water ritual of cleansing and healing in a natural pool that came direct from the mountain. Afterwards the silence of the group spoke volumes and our community again strengthened.

The Ropes to God threads through with every encounter in this journey. Threads upon threads that connect us to every human, and interspecies being. How we connect speak, track and love. Each day we deepened into the invisible tracking of these threads. Each day I saw participants immerse deeper into the natural world. I saw masks removed as is natures way, where surrender and acceptance open the way for healing and transformation.

Anna Breytenbach and the otter

Anna Breytenbach provided a smooth and gentle pathway to more practical animal communication tools. She is a valuable clear channel, messenger and bridge for humans and the animal kingdom. My work with her was a big reminder and eye opener on how our human “fluff and stuff” are constant baririers and walls and get in the way of our true nature, which is to be in connection to all species as we once were. At the culmination of our time with Anna, we stood in circle offering sounds of gratitude to nature, and to our wonder an otter appeared , a rare sighting, playing for a while in the water very close to us. Otter brought the medicine of Primal female energy, and women’s healing wisdom, it also reminded us of the importance of playtime and that life is not a burden, but a game to be played.

Camp Botswana


Anna set up communication skills for our journey to Botswana with the wild ones and Alwyn Myburgh, a gentle bear of a man, whose love of the land, it’s peoples and animals is potent. Here we soon dropped into a different rhythm, slow to medium, nature’s pace, allowing our selves to catch up and rest more. Alwyn is a master at understanding bird language as a way to track animals, it showed me an indigenous technology of super natural proportions, it’s extraordinary, and allowed us to track signs, sounds and movements of animals. The animals’ ways, habitat and behaviours provided an awe inspiring few days of animal connection. Spirit was present in every interaction we had, always leading the way, reminding us we were protected and supported and more importantly most definately not in charge. Each sighting was a privilege and an honor. Alwyn’s interactions with the animals were deeply moving because of the reverence he showed to them. On our night drives lions appeared in the darkness, peaceful with our presence. To be alongside these wild beings in this way, was indeed a gift that was allowed to us mostly because they were familiar with our gentle Guide, Alwyn.


Snakes we know are creatures of creation, spirit, and transformation, and of course life, death and rebirth. Three pythons showed up in a variety of stages of life death and rebirth on one day, showing us that spirit took over again and again. Tsebe the leopard with whom Alwyn has a relationship, remained invisible, yet showed up and called to us every day to let us know she was there. I felt watched over and in some way, cared for by this wild being. I took away a deep love for her, unseen yet powerful. Leopard medicine represents mystery and elusiveness, asks us to lay down our fears and become a fierce hunter of our dreams, visions, and gifts that have been with us all along.



Some of these deep nature communications, brought us back to Origin and how the early people once lived and maybe how we can live again- as one. So I invite you to join us and experience it for yourself. Time spent with Alwyn, Craig and Anna an honor, time spent with all of you a privilege. Allow us to bring you home.



Our journeys of Origin are deepening and expanding as I imagine a series of 4. Our first we are repeating in June 2015, and is already full! Our next is at the end of August, 2015, an incredible offering, deepening into the ancient, original connection, of galleries of San rock art engravings, jaw dropping remote landscapes and animal sightings ending with time in the Kalahari desert with the San bushmen. A third I am visioning is a journey of indigenous plant spirit medicine, and a deep look into the power of these herbs plants and trees as food and potent healing medicines. We hope to be  working with shamans in the Karoo, and Khoi Khoi healers with the coastal plants and food. Craig Foster will begin with us in Cape Point, with the teachings of how the original people lived from the land and the ocean. He will share some of his research on how our ancestors ate and how we can return again to this healthy way of being. Our final journey, we are still dreaming. We plan a gathering for those who have completed at least two of our journeys, with the vision of offering you tools, to take this into your communities. These journeys can be taken at anytime, as we hope to be repeating two or three each year.



May your closures of this Mineral year be peaceful.  May 2015 an Earth year (in the Dagara tradition) be deeply rooted in Coming Home and Returning to Origin. Thanks to all those who joined us, and answered the call.

For now though please check out Return to Origin, Walking with the spirit of the San Bushmen. Aug/Sept 2015

For Mbali:

For Craig Foster:,

For Anna

For Alwyn

May all worlds bless and protect you always.

Mbali/Bavulele…the one who opens the way.


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  1. What a wonderous adventure into our beautiful natural world with such gentle & gifted people. Just a joy to read your accounts of your encounters with such amazing beings! Thank you for sharing such joy!

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