Unconditional Love of the Mothers

Baby mud bath


Welcome to this New Year 2015 an Earth year in the Dagara Tradition.

Nearly 4 years ago in February, I was in Burkina Faso with Malidoma Some, West African Shaman and educator, undergoing a series of rituals and divinations for my ongoing work as a Diviner, medicine woman and voice for the ancestors. It was my first visit to meet the Dagara people who had gifted me this medicine, and whose culture is deeply rooted to the Earth, Nature and the ancestors.

“Welcome home, he said, this should have happened a long time ago, you are the mother of this village. A few days later I was taken to the compound of his uncle where I underwent a series of rituals, with the women,the start of the initiation into the mother. One involved being rubbed in deep red earth that we had collected that day from the gold mines. Afterwards I  was sent to bed to sleep in the dirt so to speak. The elder woman who led that ritual, the mother, of that compound, passed away almost a year to the day of that ritual. 5 years before that I underwent my own Earth Burial. Much has happened since that February! I did indeed return home to South Africa where I now reside after a series of journeys in South Africa, spread over 6 years, that took me in search of my ancestors. I found a home in the coastal region of the Western Cape, land of my own Khoi Khoi ancestors and even further back 100,000 years, to the people of Origin.

Gaia, in Greek Mythology Earth Goddess said to give birth to the Earth

Spiritual homelessness and a quest for belonging has been the  divine medicine of many us as an elixir, healing balm and transformational agent.

Born out of a longing to find the home inside of ourselves, to fill empty spaces created by a modern world that teaches we are not enough, and our success is based on physical appearances and what we need to consume. Many have left home to find home. It often shows up as addiction, violence, over consumption and depression.

Courtesy of Craig Foster
Courtesy of Craig Foster

It’s been the seeker and the finder, the spiritual trickster in the bottle of alcohol, the teacher and the student, the shaman and the trainee. It can send us on journeys and paths of ancient wisdom, deep darkness, rocky and unstable terrain and sparkling illumination.

What this homelessness can do if we are open to it as our guide,  is teach us about the importance of honoring our physical being, where re-birthing in a modern world determined to bury us, until we break open enough to understand that we are not all there is. The greatest of mothers to me, have been the ocean,  the natural world, and South Africa. Returning home, and then in the tracking of my ancestors, I have been deposited in my place of Origin. That was an unexpected treasure gifted to me, I am in a state of grace. Waiting and listening.

When identity and belonging become the light at the end of the tunnel after years of spiritual homelessness, only then can we truly feel comfortable in our home body, in our heart and it doesn’t matter where we are, because returning home will bring us unconditional sustenance required for growth and expansion and our ability to thrive in our communities.

courtesy of Craig Foster
courtesy of Craig Foster

I offer earth burials when guided to through divination, an opportunity to be held by the Mother in unconditional love. We take cover under the earth for as along as is necessary, leaving behind and shedding all that we no longer need. It is an initiatory death and rebirth mostly done in community, assisting us in experiencing deep connection and restoring balance with the elements. Abundance comes with sacred reciprocity and acknowledgment and honoring of all worlds. The healing between all species all elements and all beings restores the natural order of things. Our rituals, prayers, ceremonies, provide ways to actualize an alchemy for healing. Scarcity lives in our fears of not enoughness, lack of self worth. Our relationship to money, abundance and self worth are related.


I and others who have been buried in the earth or immersed in water have expressed a deep sense of peace, a connectedness and a feeling of oneness, never felt before, or at least forgotten. Death and rebirth in the earth offers an opportunity to realign with the original connection to the Mother. Water I also know even after a short immersion or deep cleansing has the same effect.

courtesy of Craig Foster
courtesy of Craig Foster

How do we sustain that feeling of peace within ourselves and all beings? What if our only currency was respect, honoring and love for humans, our natural world, and all species. What if we nurtured and nourished ourselves and each other by bringing our gifts to our communities, true earth work, where our communities would thrive if everyone worked together, seeing the greatness in each other. What if we traded racism, judgment, jealousy, greed and resentment for love and forgiveness, how then would the generosity of our spirit be transformed. Maybe we could live in unity as we once did.


It is an ongoing work of dedication and committment for me. Returning to origin, assists us in touching a wildness once known and an ancient wisdom forgotten, a deep sense of knowing who we are. In remembering that, maybe we can leave a legacy for those struggling with being lost in modernity. It also offers us an opportunity to protect what we love as any mother instinctively would , our sacred waters our interspecies beings our living systems.

Courtesy of Craig Foster
Botswana Courtesy of Craig Foster~ Return to Origin Journey 2014

Please check out our Return to Origin Journeys. Offering us an opportunity to immerse in the original Eden and work with the land in a unique way, as well as discover the rich deep cultural heritage of this remarkable country full of miracles, with extraordinary wisdom keepers, guides and animal communicators. It is an opportunity of a lifetime not to be missed this Earth year.

AND keep an eye out for the birthing of Return to Origin, the vision for every child in South Africa.



May all worlds bless and protect you always.



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