Camagu! (Be honoured, thank you)

“You have every right to be here if you understand your responsibility” Said, The Animals in Botswana


This morning I was at the ocean, my local hangout where I now live, and I watched a child about 1 year old, run off towards the ocean, parents watching from afar. The child went towards the vast body of water laughing and giggling with no fear. Primal joy. I saw it happen on our June 2015 journey,  when we entered into 12 degree water, 13 participants ranging from 18 to around 64, experience that same joy, unmonitored laughter and connection, fearless on this incredible Return To Origin journey we have just completed! I saw magic happen when the other worlds opened up to us and provided a container of love for us to enter into. One of the participants said this at the end of the journey. “mbali, you put together the dream team, but what I saw throughout was that at the end of the day, it was the connection to spirit,  ancestors and other worlds that held us” Yes he got it, IT!.  When we think we are all there is, when we think we hold the reins, when our ego requires to be the centre of attention, demanding, fearful, scared of being unsafe, we create an enormous amount of barriers between us and the magic waiting to happen. I thank the participants for entering into the magic the container and sacred receptacle to invite deep connection. They were also the dream team,  they were the stars and because of them they opened the doors to invite many blessings to enter. Thanks to you all who heard the call and came. For your deep respect for land animals, people and each other. You showed us true community courage and openess. Beginning in Cape Point with Anna Breytenbach, who connected the dots and taught us with such grace and love about how we can be and communicate with our animals in peace. We sat and watched baboons who felt safe enough to forage in front of us. It was like being at their dinner table. We were joined by Award winning documentarian Craig Foster, we ventured into mama water and explored our relationships with the beings who live there and the ancient peoples from where we all come. He connected the thread of origin through out the journey with love and generosity. In Botswana we walked with the elephants,who played in the water safe enough to allow us to be there, the leopard who showed herself to us the zebra who constantly came with messages and Alwyn Myburgh, deep nature guide, and whose medicine of deep love and knowledge of the natural world constantly awed us. The Bushmen healer who touched us all in many ways on many levels. The Zebra who left messages everywhere we saw them, until the final message as they literally became the Zebra crossing opening the way for us to leave with this message spoken by Alwyn received from the animals. “You have every right to be here if you understand your responsibility” The ancestors, well they are always there, behind the scenes waiting for an invitation in. The natural world animals and plants, are simply asking us to join them where we belong, but understand that there are also Natural laws, and when we cross those there are consequences, They  held us so well allowing us to truly play and wander, and showed us that spirit will and does provide when the intention is of love, oneness and integrity. We had moon bows and rainbows, and light rain as endless confirmations. To the striped catshark who literally lay on and at out feet. May the endless openings, prayers, blessings, animal medicine, and belongings reside and reverberate for many moons to come. Makhosi! May all worlds bless and protect you always! Mbali

IMG_1232         IMG_1277

2015-07-09 08.02.252015-07-09 09.04.42 Deep mystery in Cape Point South Africa We sat quietly with a baboon while she ate peacefully on the shoreline Swam briefly in 55 degree ocean water with a totally accepting striped catshark that stayed in a trance state while we gently held it in the water it came to/ for us. Foraged along the shore for seaweed and learned many other edibles Touched layer upon layer of my psyche while held beautifully in community and throughout have sensed the holy spirit as powerfully present. Now off to botswana full of gratitude. AB.  Return to Origin, June 2015 Journeyer.


Cape Point

An amazing journey into the origins of our species, starting in The Western  Cape and ending in Botswana. ‘A’ list facilitators, Anna Breytenbach, Craig Foster, Alwyn Myburgh and Mbali Creazzo, taking us back to the roots of mankind, 100,000 years ago. deep nature connection with animal communication, tracking, cold acclimation, animal behavior, animal alarm calls, and ritual. An amazing experience with a great group of deep soul travelers. Alan Waugh, Soul Traveler, June 2015 Journey.


2015 Return to Origin

EH MA HO! (oh how amazing)

Dear Mbali

Our African Journey was incredibly rich and has opened new worlds for me that were previously unseen. I am deeply honoured to witness you in your natural environment doing the work you were meant to do, I deeply appreciate your divine guidance and your other worldly medicine, my mind and heart have been blown wide open. During our first three days with Anna Breytenbach’s guidance, i developed a deep connection with the Natural world-the animals and plants, rain and ocean sun sky and earth. Anna’s teachings enabled me to see the natural world as alive with deep consciousness. Anna said we cannot force animals to connect with us all we can do is invite them into a dialogue and trust the emergence.  I was able to to create a clear intention to establish a line of communication with the animals- to enter into calm abiding and tune into the animals energetically, and from this place to greet the animals and express my gratitude.

IMG_1259       IMG_1274

In my past experience of meditating outdoors, Nature was there to support my process of turning inwards. Now, I feel a deep connection with Nature and I simultaneously turn inwards and outwards, and I experience myself in harmony with Nature. I will no longer relegate Nature to a supporting role. Now when I meditate outdoors, I am meditating with Nature. Craig Foster’s presentations were passionate and mesmerizing. He shared with us his passion for science, film making, storytelling, the ocean, the animals, cold adaptation, primal joy, expanded consciousness, our human design, the youth, the way of life of our original ancestors, and returning to our origins. One of my favorite training slogans from the Buddhist tradition is to become “a child of wonder”, and Craig embodies this way of relating. As with Anna’s teachings we were  introduced to worlds unseen by those who do not look closely with fresh eyes. I loved seeing the micro-shells on the beach. I loved experiencing Vital Heat and primal joy in the cold waters of Miller’s Beach. I loved learning about the ways of our original ancestors. Thank you Craig and Mbali for guiding us with such divine mastery and care.

Millers Point, cold adaption

Millers Point

I was particularly struck by the idea that cold adaptation is a part of our original human design, which many of us have forgotten. we were told that we will feel cold when we first enter the cold waters, and after several minutes our bodies will adapt and the feeling of coldness will shift to warmth. It was suggested that we warm our bodies beforehand by raising our heart rates through deep rigorous breathing and exercise. I remember walking down to the beach as a group in a state of heightened excitement and anxiety. I remember Mbali’s guidance to enter the water as a community and to support each other. I remember Craig and Mbali leading us into the cold waters of Miller’s beach. I remember the initial shock of cold after submerging my body. I remember the sensation of inner warmth after several minutes as my body adapted to the cold. I remember being filled with joy and spontaneously bursting into joyous laughter. I remember looking at my daughter and seeing her laughing in a way that I had never experienced, and laughing in the same way that I was laughing – deeply, wholeheartedly, fully present, fully alive. I also remember seeing Craig and Mbali guiding my son into the water and the intensity of his response. I remember feeling completely safe knowing Craig and Mbali were watching over his well-being. Thank you Craig and Mbali for guiding us with such divine mastery and care. After getting out of the water and returning to the main house, we learned  about primal joy. That our original ancestors lived a life imbued with primal joy, and that our experience of spontaneous wholehearted laughter was primal joy manifesting. As I reflect back upon this experience, I see that when we feel deeply connected with Nature, we feel fully alive and primal joy naturally arises. This cold water plunge brought the 13 of us together as a community. Together, we were purified by the water, the boundaries between us softened, and something very beautiful and mysterious began to arise between us. I now see that we are a part of Nature, therefore when we feel deeply connected with Nature we also feel deeply connected with each other. Eh Ma Ho!!! Oh how amazing!!! That evening the rain came. Oh glorious rain. Without you, all that is this would not be possible. Thank you. The following day, We learned  about the way of life of our original ancestors – what they wore, what they ate, the tools they used, and how they hunted. They used ochre to protect their skin from the sun and as a way of symbolling their identities to each other. In groups  of 2 or 3, we participated in a Return To Origin ritual, which finished with a water blessing.  This process transported me back in time to a forgotten way of life. Actually, I cannot say exactly what happened because this transformation was deeply mysterious.

IMG_6089      kyle by sea 2    IMG_5570

During our last full day at Cape Point, Craig shared with us images and stories about his son. As adults, we must actively work to shed our habitual ways of relating to the world to access a state of childlike wonder. On the other hand, childlike wonder is a natural and spontaneous experience for our youth.  And for me to be on this journey with my 18 year old children,  was truly magical. We all witnessed their openness, their wholeheartedly receptivity, their curiosity, their childlike wonder, and we were all transformed by their presence. As adults, we have so much to teach the youth and we have so much to learn from them. Go kids!!! IMG_0166 Our second visit to the cold water was even more magical and mysterious. Mbali invited the water spirits to witness and protect us, and invited the animals to join us.  After entering the water, Craig brought a small shark to us, curled up in a circle and resting in a state of trance. We each held the shark in our hands for a moment. Eh ma ho!!! Oh how amazing!!! Craig then laid the shark on the ocean floor and instructed us to stay very still. Gradually the shark awoke from her trance, uncurled, swam slowly between our legs and came to rest upon a participant’s foot and my foot. She and I were holding hands to keep our balance and this shark joined us and held our feet. Words can hardly express the gratitude that arises within me. I will remember and cherish this experience for the rest of my life. Eh ma ho!!! Oh how amazing!!! After 6 glorious day in Cape Point, we traveled to Botswana – a 3:30 AM start, 2 plane rides, and a 3.5 hour drive to camp in an open safari jeep. During our drive to camp, we saw a hyena, a giraffe, and a herd of impala. And during our game drives, we saw a herd of elephants playing in the Khwai river, lions basking in the sun, a leopard hunting, crocodiles and catfish eating a dead hippo, wild dogs sleeping in a pile, herds of impalas and zebras, giraffes, hippos, monkeys, hyenas, kudus, water bucks, letchwe, water bucks, mongoose, squirrels, waddle cranes, fish eagles, and many other kinds of birds. During the night, we heard hyenas howling, lions roaring, and hippos grunting. This place is wild and bursting with life.

IMG_1253       IMG_1262

2015-07-09 08.03.42           2015-07-09 07.14.09

I deeply appreciated our safari guides Alwyn Myburgh and John, who shared their in-depth knowledge of the animals and plants with us. We learned how to find predators by listening for bird alarm calls and impala barks. We smelled the sweetness of wild basil and wild sage. We listened to elephants talking with each other.

DSC01005      IMG_1276

One of the highlights was our walking safari. This was a completely different experience than riding in the jeep. The animals know that people in vehicles are neither predator nor prey and therefore do not pay us much attention. However, the animals are not so sure of our motives when we are on foot. During our walk, we saw an impala staring attentively at us. Alwyn explained to us that humans have been hunting animals on foot for thousands of years and these animals have learned to respond to us with caution. Alwyn also told us that there was probably a leopard watching us too. On foot, we were no longer observing Nature from the safety of our jeep. Instead we were an integral part of Nature. Images of our original ancestors hunting on this land flashed through my mind. I felt simultaneously safe under Alwyn’s care and terrified by the thought of being out here alone. I will always remember the experience of walking single file in silence towards the sound of bird alarm calls and impala barks, and simultaneously thinking to myself “This is completely crazy, we should be walking in the other direction” and “This is totally cool, I wonder what we will find”.

IMG_1251       IMG_1249

As we were leaving,  we were stopped a few moments later by a herd of zebras crossing the road. The rising sun was still close to the horizon, and a handful of zebras stood looking at us surrounded by rays of light made visible by the dust. It was a truly breathe taking sight. This farewell from the zebras felt very significant because on the previous day, we all spoke into a zebra bone that which we wanted to leave behind. Zebra medicine includes balance, agility, uniqueness, power, and the ability to see deeper truths, shift realities, and expand consciousness. Zebra energy activate!!!


Zebras came to say goodbye on our last morning in Botswana literally making a Zebra crossing!

During these 14 days together, our group of 13 transformed into a small tribe and the strength of our bonds came to the fore during our closing circle. During our last night together, we each had an opportunity to share what was in our hearts. I was filled with joy to hear so many people speak about our shared experience of connection and community. I will always remember this journey and I will continue to explore the doors that have been opened. I am filled with gratitude and inspiration. With love, Danadasa

The Okavango Delta, Botswana

Go to: Sacred Journeys for our 2016 Journeys, up soon.


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