We Lit A Fire With The Love You Left behind

” Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” Carl Sagan 

all photos courtesy of Craig Foster

“The northern cape of south Africa is one of the least travelled areas of the region. Most people never get to see the art because it is too remote or mostly not known about. Those that do see it find it hard to interpret. What is so exciting is that the San rock art provides an extraordinary doorway into the original mind. This original mind was an ecstatic existence, a way of life filled with meaning and what the San called !Num – the energy required to enter expanded states of awareness and deep healing. A journey through these sacred galleries reminds us of who we are and has the potential for massive transformation and healing. Unlocking the meaning of the art and feeling it on an emotional level is to know our deep human reciprocity with nature and the divine.” Craig Foster


What a perfect tribute to the Dagara earth year to walk with the spirits of our original people of south Africa. Our recent journey in Aug/Sept 2015 was a reminder of the importance of staying close to the earth. Walking upon her and sleeping close to her brought us into a deeper relationship with the spirits, animals, elements and natural world. This was threaded with radical ritual, and an enourmous gallery of ancient san engravings on dark rocks “provided a doorway into the original mind”. The scenery was so vast in parts, it indeed at times swallowed us up. Using every element available to assist us and each person connected through what the San called Ropes to God, (threads of love between us) as a community we traversed close to spirit and tracked their steps, linking our own to theirs. A true oneness and heart centred connection to those who walked before, and to whom we shared our journey with, animals, humans, plants and elements all provided a place for us to enter into profound states of transformation belonging, healing and homecoming.

“the soul has come to life not simply to consume, but to give its inner gifts. Each soul secretly desires to be part of something greater, something “larger than life,” Michael Meade.


These journeys, walking the land, engaging with its beings, always causes me to reflect more on the longing and deeper seeking of oness and consciousness. I see that we know on some deep level that this is not all there is and yet it is. The reality is we stay in the so called comfort, so as to not disrupt our life- what we know, what is safe. Contradictions and contrasts are our teachers. When we enter into the mystery and the unknown, take risks, move out of the illusion of what is comfortable, eat differently, sleep under the stars, dance sing and play, and set our eyes on or in magical vistas we are experiencing something larger than life. Some call it God.

Community Creating rock art
Community creating rock art

So the true abundance that is rightly ours is available not for consumption but for nurturing, loving and nourishing. What we receive in return is sacred reciprocity, healing and transformation and a knowing of who we are. How incredible to receive that gift? It requires though, and active participation, an understanding that when we put someone, relationships, or something, greed and objects between us and what I am calling God, ( our true nature and other worlds) are we infact creating a deep energetic rift, and when that whole needs filling, we are indeed moving away from wholeness, our true nature, magic and our supernatural beings, we become powerless. Connection to this original family and land becomes the place of true home that many seek throughout their lives. When that place is empty we suffer an indescribable loss, an unsourced pain and often turn to individual and collective, consumerism literally, and in some cases violence and addiction.
“With the “trunk” of support that Mbali and Craig established, we were able to take root in what is possibly the oldest cradle of humanity, drawing nourishment from our interactions with the land and the wisdom of her peoples. That nourishment flowed throughout our beings and set buds of change, which are flowering in the fullness of time.” L.M Aug 2015 journeyer.

Stepping up and out, transports us into magical worlds where we see beyond the veils and cross portals to a world of supernatural proportions. Return to Origin the organization is about to be launched. Watch this space. Join a journey, and step into a magical world.

Quiver tree from the Kokerbom forest

As we come to the end of this earth year, in the Dagara tradition, what do you wish to commit to the earth that no longer serves your immense BIRTH  to this world and to be buried and left to disintegrate, so that you can Re -birth  the ancient and become who you truly you came here to be.

kalahari trip (328 of 735)

“Walking in the tracks of Bushmen life with Mbali and Craig was an experience of a life time.   Their knowledge illuminated the journey bringing into focus the importance of ritual, ancestors and the spirit of wilderness in all our lives.   Each day was an adventure finely tuned in every detail. Like one we moved, acted and enjoyed but there was also a profound individual awakening and honouring of who we/I really was.   A deep piercing experience where I was held and given permission and support to take my experiences further.  Very inspiring and humbling to see how life changing rituals of integrity towards self and others opens the heart, creates compassion and encourages me to dance with life – this was the music..” A.N Aug 2015 Journeyer

May all worlds bless and protect you always. Mbali


2 thoughts on “We Lit A Fire With The Love You Left behind

  1. lovely post Mbali ! it reminds me of my time in the Matopos meditating in those amazing caves and tuning into the San drawings. great experience and great teachings !
    too much publishing et al happening here for me to be in SA in Feb. as planned and hoped for. A month ago we birthed http://www.crowd-healing.com – please register – it’s free! – and share if you like the idea. many blessings to you ! marie-noëlle

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