Aloha meets Ubuntu


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As the year draws to an end, I am struck by the immense changes that have opened and deepened me. I love to spend time reflecting in the week between Christmas and New Year. It is a time where we enter into the darkness for purpose to go deeper.

A vision that has been inside me long before I was born, manifested. Return To Origin Im blessed to be sharing this vision with two incredible men Craig Foster award winning Natural world Documentarian and Kevin Naidoo sacred entrepreneur.

Inspiring people to re-imagine their relationship to their world.
Imagine that, and its immenseness. Incredibly exciting. Please take a look.

Living and interacting in the Western Cape, South Africa, and traversing parts of South Africa I have not seen, creating ritual in extraordinary parts of the land, in potholes, amongst Bushmen engravings, in waterfalls, walking where Eland and Ostrich walk and engaging with the Khomani San bushmen. In June in Botswana near the Okavanga delta we saw three pythons in one day, one with its belly full of a small deer, wild dogs feeding their babies, jackals their haunting sound of their cry resounding in our sleep, and a mens club of elephants playing in the water.


As I sit writing overlooking the ocean, with its wild beings close at hand, where this year I have come home again and again in various forms of initiation, the water in particular, I again remember how our care for the earth, the preservation of Indigenous wisdom and the lands we are privileged to live on and the wild beings we are honored to share our lives with must be protected for the next seven generations. What other reason are we here for? Im grateful to Craig Foster, Kevin Naidoo, Anna Breytenbach, Alwyn Myburgh,  the Khomani San Bushmen of the Kalahari, (Isak and Lydia) Baba Credo Mutwa and all of you for your support and love and courage in bringing this vision forward. Thanks to all of those who joined journeys, and donated to Return To Origin. We have just begun and yet we have been going for a long time!

Healing and transformation comes in many different forms, our reason to become all of who we are to come home, and bring our gifts home is to share in a way where reciprocity is not an option.
I have experienced a beautiful homecoming when I returned to California, realising that my time there was indeed essential, it is my adopted home. I thank all who showed up and assisted in my smooth passage there. The indigenous people of that land have been forgotten, there is almost NO reminder of them they are almost obliterated. My ancestors were instrumental in my being there and uniting the two lands and the indigenous people of both.

Return to Origin is a vision of immense proportions its community is all of you, you are our midwives to help us to birth in the world, to assist us in healing the deep wound not just of apartheid but all those who have been oppressed and marginalised our ancient ancestors in what ever legacy you carry.

If we are to truely bring about Oneness let’s literally bury at the end of this year all that no longer serves us, to move forward to a place of true homecoming. Find opportunies for reciprocity, for giving, for sharing for offering.



I have been following the incredible work of Hokule’a an old tradition of Polyensian Voyagers, and was honored to meet the crew aboard the vessel when they were docked in Cape Town. I was asked to make a blessing for their setting sail a couple of days ago. Their work of caring for the earth, sharing, abundance, peace and generosity, all earth qualities is astounding. Please take a look at their inspiring work.

Their welcome When they arrived they were greeted by the peoples of South Africa. “I welcome our Polynesian brothers and sisters to re connect- welcome home. The voyage of the Hokulea  reconnects us to each other on a primal level  and harks back to our oneness, to the starting point of our interconnectedness and our human journey.”  The Desmond Tutu and Leah Legacy Foundation.

The Captain and navigator on the first leg of the voyage, Nainoa Thompson of the Hokule’a responded.” When we look for peace it should be the recognition that we are way more alike than we are different,  we need to celebrate that likeness, dignity, respect, Aloha. It starts here”

Give thanks for the old wisdoms, for the ancient ways that are being asked to never be forgotten, give thanks for the ancient in all of you, for your old minds and higher selves that know. Give thanks for our wild beings.  Remember the wise words of Nainoa Thompson, as we close this Earth Year. We’ve travelled 9000 miles, yet we haven’t left home, we are one family,  one people,  it’s one ocean,  one voyage. It started here in this place of Origin, South Africa where we all genetically connected.


Follow us on Return To Origin, join a journey and join us in our promise to make the world a better place.  South Africa is your home and we are waiting for you.  Contact us Here

We cannot do this with out you. Makhosi.

kalahari trip (328 of 735)May all worlds bless and protect you always.



2 thoughts on “Aloha meets Ubuntu

  1. Thank you once more Mbali for your wise and loving words! Many blessings to you and to all those in your life. Solstice greetings,
    Ann C.

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