When I enter here- I am visiting home

“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence.”
― Kahlil Gibran

Welcome to the Water Year, in the Dagara tradition.

Water is our place of ORIGIN, she is old and ancient, and when we enter her we are going home.

Water in itself is regarded among many Africans and many countries as a living force a symbol of healing purification, cleansing , and deep soul work. A more western model may see it as the deep unconsciuos. In Africa and here in South Africa where I reside, it is seen as integral for conducting rituals of unification, forgiveness peacemaking, and clarity. It is also understood as an ancestor and great mother.
Water is very much alive and a powerfull source of energy. Amongst the traditional people here in south Africa bodies of waters are said to heavily influence the intimate connection that exists between the physical, spiritual and social dimensions of southern African spiritual healers’ knowledge and practice with particular reference to water resources and the belief of water spirits.
Despite a heavy Christian influence around 80per cent of peoples are said to still consult with the thousands of healers in South Africa. I myself are one of those healers, and as a water carrier devise many water rituals for clients seeking a way of reconcilaition with a troubled ancestral legacy they may carry, bringing a connection to the water as a way to mend the deep rift in us leading to a disconnection to the element itself and yet its us who creates the rift and it is the water that welcomes us back and brings healing.


There is little knowledge and acceptance of it being an aid to communicating directly with the spirit world and our cosmology. This creates a disconnect of mammath proportions in the healing of land, peoples and the relationship between us and the spirit world. It can create deep depression a feeling of drowning in life, which may be expressed as overwhelm, a spiritual and literal drought as I witnessed in California recently where I saw the drought had a direct connection to the lack of reverence and honoring of the indigenous peoples of the land, creating a dryness inner and outer of many peoples inner and outer landscapes. I had witnessed this before in California a superficial diving into spirituality, much flapping about on the surface of the water and very little actual immersion.

After a water ritual, where the indigenous people were called in, it rained, thundered actually!

When we bring the elements into our lives, understanding their aliveness, we are creating an alignment with the element itself, ourselves and the spirit world, bringing about a healing not only of our spiritual connection we are also reconciling with all aspects of our cosmology, physical, social, emotional landscapes deeply embedded in our identity and how we walk in the world.

IMG_6688 2

They say water carries the memory of the landscape it passes through, that and the spirit world which is regarded as the ultimate source of life sustaning rituals, and ceremonies as well as the medicine of the wild animals that reside in this element provide for us an often unrecognised, powerful medicine. Often taken for granted as simply a beautiful landscape we are unaware when entering the water of its capacity to transform, heal, cleanse away and reconcile. Reverence in the form of a prayer or offering would immediately amend this lack of foresight on our part.
It also in all of its wholeness mirrors the full spectrum of our lives. I have always loved and wondered at the metaphors that water shows me daily and it is the ways these bodies of waters guide me to prescribe a ritual for the ailment of a client who comes to me.
And it is meant to flow to be alive, flow flow and more flow.

Shakespeare mentions the word sea -change, in the Tempest, and an acknowledgement of the water spirits. In South Africa water deities show up as snakes, giants and mermaids who live in the river. For humans to build a dam would be to interfere directly with these beings and thus create trouble in the community! Translation of sea-change: A profound and notable change, a striking change in appearance, transformation by the sea often for the better. A seemingly magical change, as brought about by the action of the sea

Full fathom five thy father lies.
Of his bones are coral made.
Those are pearls that were his eyes.
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.
Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell

William Shakespeare

A lake, peace, an ocean formidable and not to be underestimated but also the great mother cleansing and baptism, a river erosion and our personal power, a wave, the ability to make a wave a difference, have a voice of proportions the ripple, creating a rippling effect as a reverberation. It also has the ability to drown, as in our grief, be stagnant and polluted as in the water of life.
If water is the blood of our body and it becomes a dam, or poisoned, or thick it can clog a vein or cause a damming, creating heart attacks or infections or disease.

And then messages of water can be powerful, Katrina, Tsunamis, floods, all happened in water years.


We are water, water is us and so anything we do in water, leave litter, create stagnation or pollution create dams in waterways of known cultural and traditional and spiritual value can actually create and has been known to create major issues in a community. There are many cases of this world wide, hence the request for indigenous sacred sites to be honored and not messed with by humans for their own gain.

Take the time to simply be with bodies of water, it’s mystery its magic. Go to the water often, talk with her, make offerings, speak of your healing, grief, loss, need for peace for yourself and the world, forgive at the water and ask for forgiveness. Get in her, wash in her, be with her sit with her. Sing to her, and love her.


In developing a relationship with water we are developing a deep relationship with our unconsciuos where we dream and vision and get guidance, our ancient soul, when we love ourselves, we love her and what we love we protect.

Be sure and check out our new website and join us in protecting, preserving and promoting our origins and leaving a legacy.

May all worlds bless and protect you always



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