Divination a Tool for Healing

GO to the water and let her know whats going on. Forgive, grieve, speak up the flow that dams the waters of your life and  open up the channels of communication



I received a request from Holland from a woman requiring a divination. She sent me a piece of her clothing a photo and a quarter, payment for the ancestors. I had done many phone divinations but this was my first from so far away. The woman described her feelings of claustrophobia. Ten minutes into the divination she spoke about a grandmother who showed up represented by a red stone on the cloth “She was so suffocating”  she said and was stunned as she made an immediate connection to her claustrophobia. Many other patterns of being silenced, by her asthmatic father also silenced and restricted by the grandmother,emerged through out the divination and as she continued to track the ancestral legacies she had carried her breathing became less shallow as we proceeded. Turned out she had also chosen a man who got angry each time she tried to speak up, so…

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