Once Stung, Twice – Never Forgotten

Unknown-1A mist descended in no uncertain terms causing me to exit hastily from a place I so love. Something was up and that day I was filled with emotions of an inexplicable nature. My son too, fell into a quiet space, as he explained  “no energy, and no appetite” both very out of character.

What an extraordinary March,   tragedies, violence, and natural disasters. My birthday month and my birthday itself was a mix of wake up calls, in the form of 4 severe yellow jacket wasp stings that caused my right foot and toes to swell like a balloon and  right after that “coming upon”  a  sighting  of a whale carcass on an unexpected beach.


It made me more aware again of how nature doesn’t play around. When major disasters start occuring, nature also in someways mirrors the climate of the worlds issues. And we have to stay awake, vigilant, it’s the other sense, the one that often comes in to protect us, warn us or in some cases, moves us to be in the right place at the right time,  its mineral medicine at work. I have been to this beach on my birthday for the last three years and this is the first time I felt uneasy. I may never know why but I know I needed to  heed the signals. 3 weeks later, I feel different more at peace more tolerant, more open to be moved.

The animals insects and in my case  yellow jacket wasps  play a major part with their medicine or poisin to bring attention to what needs attending to, or issues left undealt with. They come with medicine.  Sometimes though medicine isn’t always a healing balm. It is bitter, and challenging and relentless and hurts, and ultimately when we come through with what ails us it is a new beginning.


The mineral year 2019 in the Dagara tradition is amongst other things, about the importance of messages, metaphors, signs and symbology, without which we would be lost and I have also heard say- die. How often have we heard, seen the signs and ignored them until something befalls us. Sometimes we just don’t think it can be for us, and then we get hit or sick or shaken up. Mineral asks that we listen deeper, trust what we are given to see, feel, hear seen and unseen, and heed heed heed all that is offered.


I’m not an “if its meant to be” kind of person, its just not that simple. What I do understand is that we are given signals, yes, no or maybe at any given time to guide us on the path, and its wise to take heed. When I spend days trying to book a flight and can’t make the “connections” its a good chance that the message is wrong timing, and even though December is a long ways away I will be crystal clear in December as to why I had to stay put.

I was also reminded of the infinite wisdom of our ancestors and spirit when we are guided away from certain decisions we were “so sure” we had to make. This has astounded me recently. If we are  listening deeply, we slow down and what seemed like a surety begins to unravel before our eyes as we begin to see all the parts at play that asked us to wait. I was in that place recently and looking back I realise that I have to stay put to work through what requires my deep attention, not assume there is only one solution. When I waited, slowed right down, I heard clarity. It came as clear as a bell and a crystal clear lake, I knew with surety why I was guided in another direction.


Another reminder we are not in charge, that we are not all there is, that all of these other worlds and this world of Nature has been here long before us and that the ancestors well they have “been there and done it” and now without bodies are requiring us to complete or heal, open up and carry on work they could not do, and finish unfinished business, in order for us to move forward.  What a magnificient thought. When we work together in unity with all worlds we are mirroring nature at its highest. And we are following through on lost dreams, ours and theirs to expand our beings to invite an interconnected planet.

Cape Point a couple of days ago reminded me again, when I sat and watched in the distance- Ostrich, Bonterbok and later Baboons who walked amongst the group who had gathered there, some, looking for food, others just gently feeding on the fauna and flora and plants -that this was how the original people once lived in harmony. I felt I had been transported to a scene from a hundred thousand years ago. 


I remembered,  a couple of years ago, seeing on the same beach, sharks in the waves and hearing “ we can be together again if we share the land”  Who where or what the message came from isn’t important, that it came when I was in Nature’s rhythm of medium to slow opened me up enough to lean in and pay attention. My heart burst wide open.

May all worlds bless and protect you always


6 thoughts on “Once Stung, Twice – Never Forgotten

  1. Thankyou Mbali, I am reading your words as an echo of things happening here – so, timely, as ever! Blessings

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