Mbali is an initiated stick diviner in the West African, Dagara tradition, offering Stick Divination,  and Consultations.  See below for her offerings. 

Stick Divination – An Ancient Art

“You only need claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. When you truly possess all you have been and done…you are fierce with reality.” Florida Scott Maxwell

The Ancient Art of Stick  Divining This spread draws from the Dagara culture  West Africa. It is a beautiful cosmological portal, that uses the traditional and mystical language of symbolism, icons, and connection to our ancestors to offer guidance into crossroads, crisis, transition, change and healing. It is a personal deciphering, counsel and guidance for your life issues.The reading provides insightful information that enables you to explore the deeper context of what keeps you from moving forward, to uncover your purpose and life’s work on the planet  and break the unhealthy patterns often carried from our ancestral lineage. We call upon our ancestors ot assit in the clean up, the clearing and the nectar of ancestral wisdom to transmute the medicine we carry into a self healing.

Our Cosmology, elementals and the ancestors all participate in the divination

Dogon Diviner

Prescriptions for healing may be offered in the form of creative, imaginative rituals.

Our Medicine
, the gifts we came in with are often unharnessed due to wounding, trauma, loss and the profound act of not being seen. We stay in the discomfort of the comfortable, negative self image and low self worth. We  Seldom exploring the mystery of life and our potential, we remain immobile and our gifts remain unclaimed. As such we are unable to take action.

A divination can help the divinee bring her/his medicine into this world, move from the concept of scarcity to abundance, uncover  ones gifts and mobilize you to move forward and help you heal for the purpose of serving the greater good. It is also a spiritual check up to see how the remedies are working and what is next on this amazing journey called life. Divinations are suggested regularly.

Why Ritual?
The work of ritual provides the sacred space,-the vessel that we enter into with our emotional self. It is where spiritual and material world interact. The balance that ritual maintains is health and the work of ritual is healing.” Malidoma Some


Cost $150. Paypal. International clients welcome. I will email results

I am now working from Cape Town in person please ask for RAND rate.


How  does it differ from a divination? 

This system uses Mbali’s gift to see. She doesn’t use the full  divination tools, although all information will be verified with the other world.   It offers more of a consultation based on the issue at hand. Cost $150. A full divination will be suggested.

Please ask for Rand rate.

For more information: Email: Contact Mbali



There are forces at work through our lives that are a part of us, and yet we were not taught to acknowledge them, listen to them, and heed their call. These somewhat mythical but very real forces are shaping our psychic fabric, our social tissue, and, through our perception and relationship with ourselves and the earth, the world around us. They speak to us all the time, beckon us follow their lead, beckon us move in rhythm with their dance. How do I drop the veil of conditioned thought and belief, and move a little closer to a purposeful life of divine service?
I see you, Mbali, as a conduit for communication with these forces, a connecter, an elder, a lightworker, a medicine woman, a visionary, an anchor and a bridge.
Your presence, counsel and conversation have been impeccable.
I often go back to the feeling when I first came to your house, and we sat down on the floor with the divination space between us, and you picked up the rattle and began to call in the ancestors. Immediately I was flooded with emotion that welled out in tears. The feeling was “home” and that I was surrounded by “my people” (including animals and birds and minerals and earth and water and beings from all the elements).
How was it that this could be the first time I had sat so, with this matriarch? The sound of the rattle like water or reeds or the call of a tribe… vibrating me wholly. I felt the presence of my whole evolutionary lineage past and future since the dawn of time.
Where do I direct my energy, now that I have felt my place in infinity? A place amongst the whole continuum of energies from the dawn of time through all the life forms through the present moment into the furthest reaches of every possible future…?
Something in your presence and the forces you serve if helping me shape the answer to these questions. AND helping me to gain the courage to share this seed of change/destiny. My humble expression of deepest gratitude. Lexi Aronson Cape Town 2018. Thank you. Siyabulela. Camagu.
 Cowrie shell divining with Mbali Creazzo: The book 29 Gifts is about Cami Walker who, at 30 years old, could barely walk and discovered she had MS. During a long, difficult depression that followed, Cami spoke to a shaman (a neighbour who happened to live next door) The shaman gave her an unusual prescription — she told her to give something away every day for 29 days. Cami did and it transformed her life completely — both physically and spiritually. It even launched a whole giving movement.
Inspired by this book, I went to see the shaman — Mbali Creazzo. Our session was very much outside of my realm (more woo-woo than I usually go) but at the time I needed a type of healing that bypassed my intellect. A healing that was so outside my realm I couldn’t even begin to understand it. She rolled cowrie shells and spoke to my ancestors. They gave me messages. They told me exactly what I needed to hear. I left her house feeling lighter than I had in years. I still don’t quite understand what happened in there, but I trust Mbali. Andrea Scher -Extract from 5 Healers that made a difference in my life-Super Hero life. 
“Thank you Mbali for your divination reading. I found it amazingly affirming and accurate. Without knowing anything about me or my work, you tapped straight into who I am and what I do and high-lighted the next steps of my journey. This was greatly helpful and again confirming of the intentions I already held. Nothing that came up felt obscure or out of place and this impressed me greatly_ especially as it was a skype consultation. I am selective of who I counsel for readings and i was most impressed with your skills, and with your warm and caring nature. Thank you for this service you offer- I will certainly consult you again in the future.”
Melissa Krige, Platbos forest, South Africa, 2014
I attended Mbali Creazzo’s divining evening and concur that she is a very powerful medicine woman, gifted at doing divinations that call upon one’s ancestors. I watched this remarkable process, which comes from the Dagara tradition of West Africa, and Mbali (with the ancestors) immediately cut to the heart of the matter with the person receiving the divining and effected great healing combined with practical solutions. I heartily recommend her. She lives in LA but can do telephone divinations also, and periodically comes up to the Bay Area and would be willing to do a community salon if hosted. Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D is a member of the faculties of Dominican University of California, the California Institute of Integral Studies, and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, where she teaches courses on women and religion.
“Mbali’s Cowrie Shell Divination provided me with a larger understanding of my personal life. The divination helped me to see that all the small moments we call “LIFE” are part of a magical , layered existence and relationship that we have with our ancestors. I am excited and curious to continue on this Journey.” S.O
“Mbali Creazzo is a wise and powerful healer of the Dagara tradition, who is in service to the Ancestors.   I recently went to her for a divination that took me right to the root of my illness and provided deep healing insight into an area of my life that has been blocked for years. Within hours of performing an earth ritual she recommended, I noticed a palpable shift and have since received continuous affirmations in regards to the question I brought to her. Mbali connects us with our ancestors and guides us toward reconciliation with the other world thereby restoring balance within and around us. I know this is only the beginning of a greater journey. I now know more than ever before that I have support and guidance  from my ancestors. THANK YOU MBALI.” Laura Amazzone, author of  Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power


“Mbali is a wonder. I’ve done two of three prescribed ceremonies… the final (earth) one to be done on the 14th with the new moon. Keeping my ancestor altar alive and looking at a photo of my father each day has set me up to move beyond the healing of abuse which has dominated my thoughts and relationship to him these last 17 years (since my memories surfaced).
I’m wanting to know how he saw the world out of his hazel eyes and to claim as part of my lineage his legacy of passion, talent and focus. I’m remembering some goood things about him beyond the terror of his alcoholic rages and ravenous appetites.This is very gooood. I asked for the healing so I could find my writing task and voice this life-time. It’s working! I give back to him that which is NOT MINE…. but HIS!” MS

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  1. Availability for private consultation in Oakland? Any Divination salons scheduled in the Bay Area, May through August, 2012. Thanks. Blessings and Peace.

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