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Our Divine Medicine is dedicated to the teaching and preservation of Indigenous wisdom. It is also dedicated to the well being and uplifting of communities. Our Divine Medicine is committed to bring you home through Divination, Events, Ritual and Sacred Journeys to Africa. A percentage of the proceeds of all Sacred Journeys is returned to the communities for sharing their  time and wisdom and for the protection of the animals. Mbali is also the founder of Return To Origin and the inspiration behind the best selling book 29 Gifts, by Cami Walker

Our Divine Medicine is the remembering of the medicine we carry to heal ourselves. It is our unique gift, the gift to share  with the world. That is divine work. The old ones believe we come into to the world with medicine, a purpose. We are alight when we are living our life fully by igniting our creative fire. The community thrives when we offer our gifts and talents for the greater good of all beings.” Mbali 

Modern day initiations such as loss of a partner, home, self worth, identity   and illness, cause us now, more than ever, to live with fear, and uncertainty.  Self-help methods have been exhausted and we feel betrayed and immobile, no longer willing to take risks. We have become disconnected from our source, and each other and we have forgotten the work we came here to do. The result is a spiritual homelessness and a fear of the unknown.

Medicine abounds everywhere, we only need look up to see the sign  from the hawk or down to see the ant,  the healing of a plant, the message  in the wind or a thunder storm. What is calling us to wake up?

Namibia with my brilliant teachers, the Ju//’hoansi Bushmen


Kuruman, Baba Credo Mutwa

With a deep understanding of healing the ailments of the modern world and transformative teachings, Mbali combines a blend of traditional, life-sustaining practices to move groups, and individuals to explore their potential in order to restore a sense of meaning and vitality in their lives. This pathled many to reclaim their true nature and review the fullness of their life. Many have taken action and stepped out into the world with a renewed sense of life force and purpose. This is an invitation to explore Our Divine Medicine. To be modern can be viewed as loss of connection to culture, roots, community, and ancient healing practices, — in short our medicine. Through a variety of portals —you are invited to join a path of self revelation, transformational practices, healing and a re-remembering of your souls purpose. These are offered through divinations,  healings, groups, vision quests, mentoring,  community gatherings and Sacred Journeys to South Africa.

The prophet, Baba Mandaza and me

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With deep gratitude to the strength and resilience of my ancestors, and to all my relations,  without whom I would not be here and this would not be possible.

“Mbali provides a sacred space and divine wisdom for the medicine that needs to come through to heal us. Her work helps you to reawaken to your true nature and find that deep connection to your ancestral past. This work has guided me to my purpose and provided me with a practice. Mbali’s work is indeed work that transforms us.” Camara Ra Jabara


17 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. I am interested in the work that you do. How do I find out more about the divinations that you offer. I am intrigued by holistic health and wellness and would like to blend my career with my life purpose. Could I benefit from your services?

  2. I am not sure if this ail gets to Mbali, but I am hoping so… I read about the personal medicine necklaces youake. My mother has been sick her whole adult life. She is such a beautiful woman trapped in a body that limits her. She is so strong spiritually. I thought your gift of a necklace would be such a meaningful and special gift. If there is anyway that this would be possible, I would be forever grateful. Sending you good energy and love from my heart, Tracey Bilski 570 660-0076. bolskiann@gmail.com

      1. MBALI, Happy New Year. Are you tucked away in South Africa?
        You seem very far away from N. Hollywood. However, we will soon meet again…that is for certain. Your site is magnificent. Can’t wait to see snaps. Blessings from Ojai…It is gorgeous here today…the dawn is breaking. Love from Richard.

  3. Thank you for inspiring this movement. I just finished reading the book and was very touched by it. Started giving right away. Amazing how one little light can spread throughout the world!

  4. Hi Mbali
    I live in Cape Town and would love to be notified if and when you next come to Cape Town. Do you do talks/divinations for local South Africans?
    I am inspired to be transformed.
    Jenni Lemmon

  5. Do you think there may be an opportunity for myself and husband (toddler- 3 years) to join you for an experience with Kalahari San sometime in the fall of 2014? Any chance you may be hosting something divine next year at this time? So honored and deeply intrigued* Blessings, Jada Fire

  6. Hi,
    I got your name from a friend in Victoria BC (LV).
    I am wondering if you have any divine journeys planned for June/July 2013 or Fall 2013? Any details available?

  7. Hi Mbali, I hope you are keeping well in your new adopted country. It sounds like you are having amazing experiences. Well done for risking it all to lead the life you do, I’m sure it is not an easy path to travel, you are a brave soul. 2013 was very difficult for me although very transformative. I too have tapped into the strength of the divine grace within. 2014 will be a year of major physical changes for me also. 20 years is enough you said to me in L.A. just before leaving. I guess it is. May our paths cross again soon. Blessings to you, Ursula

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