The Sacred Fire

“From now on I will make burning my aim,
for I am like the candle: burning only makes me brighter.” Rumi

Welcome to the Fire Year ( In the Dagara tradition)

The Sacred Fire is central for ritual, healing, community, dancing and singing amongst the San people. And yes it is lit by rubbing two sticks together, creating a spark.  Its gentle and slow, smoke at first, then small flames, which eventually becomes the Sacred Fire. My fire year strated gently and slowly. I have spent these first days of 2012 getting lost, and a sense of peace as though the water is still lapping around me from a  New Years Eve ritual.  A good thing, as we need the water to keep things from raging out of control.

Starting the Sacred Fire
Trance Dance/Sacred Fire

A friend teaches me to apply love in difficult times, in anger. Thank You for that teaching friend.

This year is a call to deepening our connection to the ancestors, to spirit present in the elements, the animals, other worlds, everything.   The message seems to be about remembering we cannot do “this life” alone.  Already I feel that I am being tested in many ways to show my comittment.  I am ready to walk through the fire door this year.

 “What does it mean to connect?” I hear often. True and a real question. Its not an earth shattering knowing, and that’s the test. Oftimes it is subtle and gentle.  What I know is when I am not speaking to my ancestors,  praying, doing ritual or divination, I feel disconnected from myself. I am constantly being pushed to trust. When I am connected,  I trust more ….they seem to go together.  At times I do throw all the pieces of life in the air and trust where they fall.

We are it seems being held accountable…… to bring our gifts, our talents, our genius to the world …. no pressure here and it is what is being called to account. The creative action, the passion and the request to show up for our life seems to be the message that crackles in this fire, and yes the sacrifices are high and hard, and yes the old world had to come to an end as we know it, how else can we transform? Today I feel like an ember glowing, warm. I relish this feeling for a moment.

Credo Mutwa said we must say sorry to the earth each time we pray. Not new information but a great reminder that to take care of our Great Mother, we take care of our home, our heart, our foundation.  Not belonging, not feeling worthy or deserving or validated  ……are  major dis_eases of modernity. They continue to reflect  how we move in this world. Knowing where we come from, is essential to knowing who we are, and where we are going. Connection to ancestors, exploring our ancestral wounding, helping to heal the ancestral legacys and therefore ourselves are all part of work this year. A Divination is a wonderful tool for looking into this and the next steps in our life.



Fire can burn us up, it makes space, and it can destroy or it can warm. It is our life force.

This is a year of transformation, major I believe and its important to continue bringing water to our fire, not to extinguish, but to cool the flames.  Dont let anyone extinguish your flame, or drown your fire or dim your light. You are a star in the greater constellation of  all things. I appeal to the youth to demand a better world, and contribute to it in every way you can ….it is your birthright. I commit to clearing the path in my small way for you and forgive my fumbling in the dark at times.

May our path always be lit by the Sacred Fire.


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